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Odd MB Shared on FB

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Roger Martin spotted this unusual 3B on Facebook. There are only two images included, so there is limited info about it. That said, I’m leaning towards this being a home-brew rather than a prototype.

mb-odd-body-1 mb-odd-body-2


8 Comments on “Odd MB Shared on FB

  1. Craig in ME

    So much for that EARLY ‘slat’ MB….154th jeep made, if the tags aren’t just replacements…

  2. Mark S.

    FB link working for me, definitely an interesting jeep, that early tag brings up a lot of questions.

  3. Craig/Vermont

    I suspect it is a very early MB that the motor pool modified (including addind a later grill)…There were many WW2 jeeps in Hawaii Territory during and after the war…I have one (out of a group of 200 jeeps) that was sold by the military to an importer in the States after the war…I’d love to see that slattie reconditioned as modifed…

  4. Jim D

    On the tag it says it’s an APU. Which would explain the moving and adapting the front right location for the spare tire. Since the rear of the jeep would be used up by the Power Unit and since APU’s many times did double duty on Aircraft Carriers as tugs. Plus it seems the yellow color is original and that would have been appropriate for Carriers and Air Stations. And, according to the tag is IS an MB!

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