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Cage Progress and Corner Brackets

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The weather has warmed up some, which made working outside much more pleasant! Since the last set of pics, I made some corner brackets and added them to the cage. I’ve also added a cross bar that will be the base for the sets and some curved support bars on eat side of the front loop.

I’ll post some pics of the cage below, then add some pics of how I made the brackets (in case that’s of interest to anyone.


2023-02-06-race-jeep-rollcage8 2023-02-06-race-jeep-rollcage7


Below I show how I made the corner pieces.

This first pic shows 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ 16 gauge steel squares. The paper above it shows my attempts to figured out the rough size I wanted:


I created this jig to score the squares with a centerline at the angle and two smaller lines where I would cut them to form the six-sided pieces.


Here’s the cut piece next to another square:


To bend the pieces, I sandwiched the piece between a piece of angle iron and a tube in my vise:


By closing the vice, the metal was forced around the tube:


With the bend started, I open the vise, place the piece on the vise with the center bend down, then place a tube over it. Using a small sledge hammer, I carefully whacked the tube, causing the metal to collapse.


Now that is has collapsed some, I tightened the vise, which forces the piece through a narrower channel:

2023-03-02-making-corner-brackets6 2023-03-02-making-corner-brackets7

Eventually, the piece will drop through the vice as shown below. At this point, the tube can be removed and the piece tightened until it at the shape meets the specs:


Here are some completed bends.




5 Comments on “Cage Progress and Corner Brackets

  1. Bingo

    Sweet! Looks as if you may have dunn this shtuff b4! That vice has endured many whacks. Gotsta be vintage made in USA!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys.

    Bingo: The vise is older than me. It’s been involved with multiple jeep builds, let alone all the other projects done by Dad and I over the last six decades. I don’t remember my Dad’s garage without it.

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