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1979 Spring Summer Issue of Jeep News

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UPDATE: I had this as a 1978 issue, but I think it may actually be from 1979.

After a year of 20 page newsletters, this one and the next one were cut to twelve pages. This includes an extra flyer advertising jeep equipment. The readers letters section (pg 2-3) contains descriptions of clubs that match my memories of being in a club.

1978-spring-summer-jeep-news-page-1 1978-spring-summer-jeep-news-page-2-3 1978-spring-summer-jeep-news-page-4-5 1978-spring-summer-jeep-news-page-6-7

1978-spring-summer-jeep-news-page-8-9 1978-spring-summer-jeep-news-page-10-11 1978-spring-summer-jeep-news-page-12

Flyer 1:

1978-spring-summer-jeep-news-flyer2-2 1978-spring-summer-jeep-news-flyer-2-1

Flyer 2:



2 Comments on “1979 Spring Summer Issue of Jeep News

  1. Mike

    Check out the “Prince Valiant” hair cut on Pete Rose, even back in that era, I don’t remember anyone but him with that hairstyle.
    I’m not a big sports fan, so feel free to que me in; If I remember correctly, one of the owners of the Cincinnati Reds was a woman, Marge Schott who also owned a car dealership, a GM dealership, but not a Jeep dealership. I wonder how this squared with her, Jeeps, not Blazers.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I believe you are correct about Marge Schott. I suspect that Pete did as Pete wanted and if he was happy, she was happy? But, I am no expert on them either.

    – Dave

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