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More Pics of Tour Jeep

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Here are some more pics of the Tour Jeep thanks to Ann.


David and Ann.


The test drive with Andrea. That was her first ride in it!

a ride. That was her first ride in it!


Andrea and David finishing the test drive.


Jesse with George Washington (Ann’s cousin’s dog).


Ann’s cousin trying out the jeep.


David and Jesse.






5 Comments on “More Pics of Tour Jeep

  1. Bingo

    Nice score! Extra points fer the grille on the basketball backboard. Interesting projects in the background of pix 1&5.

  2. Will R.

    Great pics and congratulations on the Tour Jeep! It’s going to a good home! Super nice to see Andrea and Jesse and the “The most excellent” Phoenix Round Up venue! Sure brings back good memories!!

  3. Mike P

    Hey Dave, talk Ann into taking the “shortcut” back to Washington. I’ll make sure to be home and we will give your new toy a workout in th river bottom😄

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Dan and Bingo, thanks.

    Mike: we are taking the shortest short cut we can!

    Will: Jesse and Andrea are a most “excellent” couple!

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