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Year? M-274A5 South Pasadena, CA $10,500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

Joe is selling this Mule. This is part of an estate sale. It has no title. Email joehuld @ (remove spaces around the @) with Mule in subject line or Call Joe at 626 379 0059.

“This mule was completely restored a few years ago by the late owner and used very little after restoration; only 31 hours show on the Stewart Warner hour meter. The vehicle has been in dry inside storage for the past couple of years. It has STA 7.50-10 NHS tires that appear to be practically new. The O.D green paint is in excellent condition. It is not a street legal so has no registration or title but the attorney representing the estate will provide a bill of sale. It is located in South Pasadena, California and will have to be trailered. It does roll easily”

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7 Comments on “Year? M-274A5 South Pasadena, CA $10,500

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Mitch – This one is restored and set up for 2 seats and a late A5 probably has 4 wheel steer. You can get them a lot cheaper. And consider, some side-bys push over 30K. Pretty good deal if you have a place to use it.

  2. Bob Loeffler

    This was posted up on Old Willys Forum. Kinda cool IF you’ve got a place to use it. I mentioned as it’s in Pasadena, it would make an interesting Rose Parade entry. 😉
    Could make an interesting “golf cart” in a retirement community or a bop-around on a collector’s ranch or farm. I remember seeing surplus ones used as maintenance vehicles on golf courses long time ago.

  3. JohnB

    While checking out a AC Cobra a few years back, the owner had a few of these. He was in a town just south of the Canadian border, so yes, he had a place to use them.
    He said there was a guy in Montana that sold and rebuilt them.
    Looks kinda fun, a neat piece for a ranch. Come Memorial Day or the 4th of July, wash it and use it in the local parade.

    It as Bob said, a neat golf cart/ATV for a retired Marine in a gated community!

  4. Larry grant

    I drove one as a mortarman with the 502nd infantry, 101st abn. loved my little mule. I ate a lot of dust.

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