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McCain Hub Winch Brochure

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I recently purchased a special equipment binder off ebay. Usually, there are a few interesting brochures inside. This time, it was full of these pink price sheets, like this:


However, thankfully, inside the book there was a second small booklet that did have some brochures, and a few interesting ones.

As an example, I’ve never run across this unusual 4-page McCain Hub Winch brochure.

1960s-mccain-hub-winch-brochure1 1960s-mccain-hub-winch-brochure2 1960s-mccain-hub-winch-brochure3 1960s-mccain-hub-winch-brochure4


5 Comments on “McCain Hub Winch Brochure

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    If I saw this brochure back in the day I’d be sold. Sounds good to me.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Michael,

    The six special equipment books I have (1947-mid-1960s) generally consist of four different types of materials (with each equipment book seemingly a custom collection of the four types).

    1) Most books have Willys-Overland or Willys Motor approved (aka jeep-approved) 3rd party brochures, usually glossy.
    2) Some have Willys-Overland or Willys motors produced brochures, which essentially are brochures that follow a relatively consistent format (in early days these were color coded and similar fonts and after the Kaiser take over they were pages from the Product Merchandising Manual
    3) Pricing sheets are common (which makes sense)
    4) Some have brochures that include products that don’t have the official blessing of WO or Willys Motors.

    What types of information does yours have?

    – Dave

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