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Ticking Off the Checklist …

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2023-06-16-seat-mounts-miscSlowly, but surely still making progress. Though the garden is done, we are having to re-organize the lean-tos area to accommodate all the hay we need to make it through winter. It’s actually a useful exercise, because there’s a bunch of junk that we just need to take to the dump, especially now that we have a better feel for what we need and don’t need.

I have continued to make progress on the racer.

√ overhead control panel
√ center bar in front (primarily as a conduit for bringing the wiring up to the overhead control panel)
√ seat mounts welded in place
√ mounting bar for shoulder straps (I realized just before I was going to weld in the seat mounts that I didn’t like my original plan for mounting the shoulder straps, so I designed something different.
√ tach holder
√ top drilled and temporarily attached .. need to pull off to clean top and for painting cage.

1) weld mounts for the side bars and netting
2) finalized body mounts
3) finalize front clip mounts
Getting there ….



3 Comments on “Ticking Off the Checklist …

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Is your list of what needs to be done written on a piece of cardboard, the windshield, or a whiteboard?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    The list is in my head. Yesterday I replaced the damaged transmission crossmember spacer blocks and doubled their thickness.

    It is a beautiful and cool day today, so I will work on some final grinding and welding.

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