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1950/1951 Willys Sedan Delivery Brochure Black/White

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UPDATE: Thanks to Joe-in-Mesa, I obtained a yellow version of this same 1950/1951 brochure, though the form number (SD 73 M5 651-1CM the 651 may indicate this was published June of 1951) is different. The only difference between the two that I can see between this one and the brochure at the bottom is the color of the brochure (yellow).

Here is the front:


Here is the back:1951-06-form-SD-73-M5-651-1CM-wagon-brochure-2

The brochure opens vertically to reveal this page:


and then the brochure opens horizontally to reveal this page:


Here’s the back fully opened:



UPDATE: Originally posted March 3, 2021, this post was part of another post about similar brochures of the period.

Finally, one more, similar Willys Sedan Delivery brochure, only it’s not as large or as colorful as the others. In fact, I’d call it a black, gray and white brochure. It’s form number is SD-M3-73–50M. Given it doesn’t label the Hurricane engine as new, it’s probably later than the other brochures, maybe 1951.

This is the front of the unopened brochure.

This is the back of the unopened brochure:


When unfolded vertically, this page appears:


When opened horizontally, this is the fully opened brochure:


This shows the fully opened backside of the brochure:



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