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Comparison of Five Wagon/Truck Brochures

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UPDATE: Here’s an updated version of the post that separates the 1950-1952 oversize truck brochure from the sedan delivery wagon brochures with similar designs.

Originally Published Feb 26, 2021: I was inspired to purchase and learn more about the brochures below after realizing that a poster I saw during a visit at Dave Antram’s place in 2013. Here’s a photo of it:



While I originally thought these brochures were all printed in early 1950, I’m now less certain, as Colin pointed out that #1 (4WD Willys Truck) mentions “Key Starting”, which appeared in 1952. In addition, one of the truck brochures has “1951” printed on the subheading. I suspect we’ll never get firm evidence on the publish dates of these:

You can view the original scans using the following links:

  1. The upper right New Willys Sedan Delivery with — Hurricane 4 Cylinder Engine (Copper?)
  2. The upper left New Willys Sedan Delivery with — Hurricane 4 Cylinder Engine (blue) 
  3. The lower left Sedan Delivery Export brochure with the “New” Hurricane (red)
  4. The lower right Sedan Delivery with “Famous” Hurricane is here (blue): 


And now the trucks from the same period. I don’ have full scans of the bottom two trucks:

  1. The upper left NEW 4WD WILLYS Truck brochure
  2. The upper right NEW 1/2 Ton WILLYS Truck brochure
  3. The lower left is of a French 4WD Willys Truck brochure:
  4. The lower right brochure is a 1951 Willys 4WD Truck Brochure


Then there is this oddball Willys Delivery Sedan brochure that has the same front as the brochure above, but unfolds differently, is black and white, and has content arranged differently on the interior pages:




2 Comments on “Comparison of Five Wagon/Truck Brochures

  1. Gray

    Hi Dave ,
    These are all really cool !! Are theses being reproduced ? You say that the large poster on the brick wall was originally printed in
    Feb 26,2021 . is it a 10 day ago reprint ? or was it originally printed Feb 26 1951 ?
    Just wondering because my friend has one .

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Gray, sorry for any confusion.

    The original web post I produced was only a few days ago (Feb 26, 2021), but I updated it yesterday (March 5) to reflect additional brochures I received.

    As for the poster at the top, I don’t know when it was created, but my guess is late 1950 or sometime in 1951. I saw the poster during a trip through Pennsylvania in 2013. I took a pic of it, hoping I’d see one come up for sale on eBay (or elsewhere), but I’ve yet to see another example of the poster. So, then I hoped that by collecting the brochures, I could assemble the art myself and duplicate the poster. However, I’ve been unable to find the brochure with a blue CJ-3A (if such a brochure exists).

    Does that make sense?

    – Dave

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