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UFO JeepRod in Roswell, NM

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During a roadtrip with family, Mike spotted this unusual jeeprod with a UFO topper on it, cruising in Roswell, New Mexico. The plates indicate the rig is from Texas.

roswell-nm-jeeprod8-lores roswell-nm-jeeprod9-lores


4 Comments on “UFO JeepRod in Roswell, NM

  1. JohnB

    With an setup like that, I’d thought it would have been a local tourist trap attracrion.
    Texans usually have more sense, and rusty hunting Jeeps aside, take better care of their stuff.

    While in the Air Force, I lived in Texas for 7 years and drove a locally restored stock CJ-5 as my daily driver.
    A lot of good Jeep guys down there.

  2. muley

    in the early 60’s my grampa retired as a chief master sgt after a million years USAF. He went to work for DPS in PHX in charge of ufo investigation. All he would ever say about it when asked was “not much to it”.

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