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Racer Progress Pedaling Along

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More progress made on the racer this weekend. The floors are installed and mostly bolted. The pedals are all in place. The steering was in place, but I was unhappy with the final angle of the front support bearing, so I plan to redo that support so that it angles differently. Hopefully, I will get that done and installed today.

Here’s how the rear top crossmember that holds the rear fire extinguisher looks. The two holes on either side are the shoulder strap attachments.


Here are the three pedals (with the steering drive shaft disconnected from the quick-turn unit).


One thing I still need are a brake and clutch pedal pad. Any recommendations on what I can use that has a similar mount point and size? (these were from the yellow racer .. I didn’t like the other racer’s pedals). These look to be rubber casings over metal pedals, but both pedal bolts are in bad shape. this is the good one …

pedal2 pedal1

The master cylinders are attached (the brakes are ready to go). I have to get an adapter to connected the clutch line to the clutch master cylinder. Everything is fitting well. I have to say the fire wall turned out better than I thought. Remember, I flattened the old firewall from the yellow racer and re-bent it into the shape I wanted.


Here side view of the gas pedal setup. One thing I learned from my first race jeep was that having a firm, stable gas pedal was greatly beneficial when racing, due to the bouncing. I could plant the bottom of my foot firmly, while using the top of my foot to feather the gas. This setup is based on what I built for Biscuit, but heavier duty.


Here are the parts I built (pedal is something I built for Biscuit out of a piece of aluminum).

This shows the pedal hinge (again, something I built for Biscuit). It is a tube welding to a flat piece of metal with plastic inserts held in place by that long screw (and an unshown nut on the other side).


Here is the hinged attached:


This shows the pedal at rest (before I added the spring):


Here’s the pedal pushed (and after I added the spring).


I have more pics of how the gas pedal parts go together in case anyone is interested.


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  1. Richard L Czerwonka

    My 54 willys pickup had round brake and clutch pads that were attached to the arms the same way your pads are.

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