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June 1960 Ad and Merch Highlights Wagon

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This June 20, 1960, Advertising and Merchandising Bulletin included a wall poster showing new styling changes in the ‘Jeep’ vehicle line. I wish I knew which poster that was.

There is also reference to an ad in the April 25th, 1960, issue of Life Magazine. But, it wasn’t a ‘Jeep’, but rather a Goodyear tire ad that includes a jeep.



Here is the Life Magazine:

1960-04-25-life-magazine-jeep-ad1 1960-04-25-life-magazine-jeep-ad2


6 Comments on “June 1960 Ad and Merch Highlights Wagon

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Top-left Goodyear photo. Dad bought mom a new 1960 Rambler station wagon. mint green. My older sister would later tell me how much mom hated it. I always thought that model had good lines to it.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Dave, my mom whom I mentioned passed away 19 days after that magazine came out. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery. We got that car in late ’59.

  3. JohnB

    It would be fun to see the poster. I wonder what they said about the CJ?

    Notice the white walls are noticeably narrower than they were a few years before.
    And they would get much narrower in 62-63.
    (A pet peeve is folks who put wide whites in later cars….especially on the more modern looking models.

    Also note the Studebaker is a four door, earlier wagons were just two doors.
    I wonder if Jeep lost many sales because of having two doors. Still, if you lived in the snow belt, the Jeep would have been the vehicle of choice if for no other reason than the one thing “Lady drivers” would fear more than a flat would be getting stuck.

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