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Testing Out the Complete Race Jeep

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“Leftovers” with the mocked up name. I don’t like the angled bracket I made at the step. I may just got with two bolts and two washer to keep the body in place rather than the bracket.

Yesterday, I attached the remaining netting, roof, and body parts to the race jeep, only to discover I needed to cut a couple small parts from the floor that were too wide for the body (nothing a quick sawz-it-all couldn’t fix).

The hood requires four bolts to attach it, as I need to make sure it stays secure. Five additional bumpers help keep the hood in place.

It’s hard to test the speed on these short jaunts. I really don’t want to tear up the grass too much. In addition, I don’t have it in four wheel drive, again so I don’t tear up the grass too much. The next time I test it, I will wear ear plugs, because when you hit the gas, it gets loud in the cockpit!

Now it’s time for some helmet shopping!

Some additional pics:

2023-09-23-race-jeep4-lores 2023-09-23-race-jeep3-lores 2023-09-23-race-jeep2-lores 2023-09-23-race-jeep1-lores


5 Comments on “Testing Out the Complete Race Jeep

  1. Craig/Vermont

    C’mon !! Sneak it out on the street and wake up your neighbors…I’m pretty sure that’s in your DNA…

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Craig: It’s hard to be sneaky with it. I’m sure the neighbors a county away can hear it, lol. We have pretty cool neighbors; they’d be fine with me running up the road. lBut, I can’t do that in 4WD either. I need a long dirt road.

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Great work Dave!
    Plenty of dirt (and sand) down here in AZ… I’d love to see (and HEAR it) in person 😎👍

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys .. I’d love to make it down to AZ with it, but probably makes more sense for us to test it up here first! I know, that’s just too practical of thinking 🙂

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