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1945 MB Walton, NY $10,000

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This is a ran-when-parked vehicle. Unclear if it will start right up or not.

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“1945 Willy’s WWII MB,.I am tired of hearing it is not all original, when I specifically stated the roof was fabricated by my father, and electric wipers added. Yes it does have all the data plates, yes frame is 100% solid, yes the floor pans are a hundred percent solid, all of the flaking visible in pictures, is the original WWII paint, yes I can vouch for that, I was the one that purchased the paint back in 1988. Please, read description. If 10,000 Dollars Is Way out of your budget, then I don’t know what to say, purchase one for 25 thousand. This is another true barn find. My Grandfather purchased this right out of World War II, yes with title, where it has spent its entire life in New work has been done to the engine, transmission, or rears, yes I can vouch for that because it has been in the family for three generations.

Everything on this Jeep is original EXCLUDING the roof and the electric wipers. Everything worked on this Jeep as it should when it was parked. Will need all basic tuneup items and will run great. Bring a trailer, has one tire that is dry rotted and shot. Selling price is relatively firm at 10,000 but does have a little wiggle room. Again, It does have a title. Also have an ordinance manual and the original World War II lubrication chart that goes into the metal pocket under the hood. If anyone is interested, my grandfather purchased a military starlight scope that used to go on a tripod. I have just the scope, not the tripod, scope does work, and will let that go reasonably. Please, serious offers and cash only. I don’t mean to sound condescending, but offering 2-3,000 for a 78-year-old vehicle that is hundred percent solid is both ridiculous and insulting, I will entertain all serious offers.”


2 Comments on “1945 MB Walton, NY $10,000

  1. JohnB

    The seller has an interesting, but common, definition of “original”.
    He says the paint is original WWII, but bought in 1988.
    I don’t mean to be condescending, but I think he means ” correct”.

    He seems pretty defensive about the price.
    If it really is as sound as he claims, is unmolested, and generally correct, then it seems a decent price.
    If he has been dealing with non-car people, who think an old Jeep is worthless, then he’s been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

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