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Various Brochures w/ 1973 Berens Catalog

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These rare brochures advertising after market parts were loosely packed into a 1973 Berens Catalog that I posted back in 2020.

I never tried an offenhauser manifold. I currently have a hi-rise Edelbrock for Biscuit’s V-6.

I assume these would fit on a Willys wagon?


The following roll bars, tow bar, rocker panels, and wide rims were either made by Berens or for Berens for resale.

1973-05-berens-catalog-extras-03 1973-05-berens-catalog-extras-04

1973-05-berens-catalog-extras-05 1973-05-berens-catalog-extras-06a


This was a popular package for the V-6!


This is the first brochure I’ve seen for Barden Bumpers.


A price list for some of the items above.

1973-05-berens-catalog-extras-10 1973-05-berens-catalog-extras-11

Apparently, Jeeps weren’t the only vehicles that needed a HECO steering stabilizer. It could be used on a wide variety of vehicles.

1973-05-berens-catalog-extras-12 1973-05-berens-catalog-extras-13




2 Comments on “Various Brochures w/ 1973 Berens Catalog

  1. John

    $37 for a roll bar? I’ll take 10!

    I’ve actually got that exact offenhouser manifold. I paid about $300 for it on ebay. when I first got it I still continued to use the original Rochester carb and an adapter for a while, definitely noticed a difference. but it wasn’t until I installed the holley 390 that it woke up

    the offenhouser/holley set up is surprisingly low, and fits nicely

  2. David Eilers Post author

    John, agreed. That is a great setup. I used to street, trail, and race a modified Buick 225 with a four barrel manifold (can’t remember the brand) and a 390 Holley. Excellent pair. If I stick with my 232 in my road/trail jeep I will get an offenhauser manifold.
    – Dave

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