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November 1960 Jeep News

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This 8-page edition of Jeep News showcases a wide variety of Surrey and FC stories. There’s an interesting story about a group of five adventurers from Brecksville, Ohio, who planned to drive an FC-170 with a camper around the world.


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3 Comments on “November 1960 Jeep News

  1. JohnB

    I guess we can assume the detective agency wasn’t expecting to do any high speed chases.

    Also, it would be interesting to learn how the Chicago city-owned FCs did in service.
    Did they replace pickups or maybe medium duty units?
    How long did they last…did they succumb to rust?

  2. JohnB

    The letter on page eight from Sunshine Beer is interesting.
    In the previously posted (a week ago)
    Aug-Sept 1961, issue there was a photo about their salesmen driving Surry Jeeps.
    As a kid we moved around a lot, so even though I don’t drink..then or now…I noticed there were regional beers everywhere we lived (Also potato chip companies).
    So, I wondered what became of Sunshine beer and apparently, despite the Surry Jeeps, the firm went out of business in1968.
    Online, there is a photo of the brewery seen in the Aug-Sept 1961 issue
    being torn down in 1970.

    Hopefully, the Jeeps found good homes.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I think there is an update or two in future Jeeps News issues. We’ll get to them over the next few weeks.

    – Dave

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