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August 1959 Jeep News

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This 8-page issue has lots of DJ-3As, Surreys, FCs and Wagons. Note the six-wheeled wagon on page six. The issue includes a photo of a CJ-6 being used as a tour jeep at Hell’s Half Acre near Casper, Wyoming (page 3 lower right).

1959-08-jeep-news1 1959-08-jeep-news2 1959-08-jeep-news3 1959-08-jeep-news4 1959-08-jeep-news5


2 Comments on “August 1959 Jeep News

  1. JphnB

    The KW management did seem to be obsessed with whatever TV series they sponsored.

    Also, in this and other issues, it seems that Wagons, Dispatchers and FCs get all the attention…hardly a mention of CJs…especially the 5.

    Is that a sign the CJs didn’t need much marketing gimmicks or pizazz?

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I see the same thing. Maybe the margins were better on these vehicles? I don’t know for sure.
    There is an entire “Extra” issue just on the Hong Kong series. I’ll share that in a week or so (can’t remember what order that appears vis-a-vis the ones I have).

    – Dave

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