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July 1960 Jeep News

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This 8-page issue of Jeep News starts with the announcement of the USPS’s purchase of 4,010 FJ-3s. Willys Motors announced on page 2 the launch of new brochures, including these red and blue jeep family brochures. Page 3 is all Surreys. Pages 4 & 5 are mostly dealer related. Don’t miss the Surrey like FC-170 on page 6 operated by the Hilton Inn of New Orleans. Page 7 shares more Surreys, FCs, and other jeeps. On the last page is a story about the First Company of Sheriff ‘Jeep’ Reserve Corps, out of El Paso County, Texas.

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2 Comments on “July 1960 Jeep News

  1. JohnB

    Thanks for posting these, I love them!

    Being just over the hill (okay a !Mountain range) from Missoula, I googled the rancher featured non page four.
    In addition to his ranch, it turns out Oral Zumwalt was a noted rodeo performer in his youth and was a stock contractor for rodeos. He is in the Rodeo Hall of Fame, and there is a street named after him in Missoula.
    He died in 1962 of a heart attack while working with a horse at a Rodeo.
    He was just 58.

    Dave, there is a slight typo in the headline, the issue is from 1960, not ’62.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks John. I’ve updated the mistake. As you imagine, I too think these are amazing sources of period information.

    Between the original Jeep News, Salesbuilder, Willys Service News, Willys-Overland Sales News, KW Booster News, Willys News, Kaiser Willys News, Jeep News, KW Sales Promotor Bulletin, Globetrotter, Jeep News (2nd version), Sales Power, Jeep Service News, Jeep Merchandiser, Service and Parts news, Jeep News (3rd version), Jeep Line Employee Newspaper, and a few others, I have nearly 100 issues. There are still many more to collect, but these periodicals are valuable for telling the story of the ‘jeep’, should I want to do that at some point.

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