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Sept. 1960 Jeep News – Hong Kong Special

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This Hong Kong Extra Edition didn’t include a date, but the Volume and No suggests this is the September 1960 issue. Much of this issue covers the Hong Kong TV show, but there is some Surrey info on page six and seven. Also, the way the paper unfolds is kind of awkward, so I’ve added a few extra scans below.


Page two through page five are all connected physically. Here’s what it looks like when fully open:


Here are the pages in an easier to read format:

1960-09-jeep-news-hong-kong-special-issue2 1960-09-jeep-news-hong-kong-special-issue3

1960-09-jeep-news-hong-kong-special-issue4Pages six and seven are more normal:

Here’s the back page:




3 Comments on “Sept. 1960 Jeep News – Hong Kong Special

  1. Matt

    Its interesting to see how much attention they gave the surrey in these early 60s issues. It seemed to be a spotlight vehicle for the marketing department.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Matt: the Surrey sure got a ton of attention! It does seem the marketing folks had high hopes. It would be interesting to know what the estimations were for sales prior to the Surrey’s release. After all, the Plain Jane DJ-3A Dispatcher was hardly a big seller, and the Surrey was just a DJ-3A with lipstick, so I can’t imagine the sales estimates would have warranted the marketing push??

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