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Jan/Feb 1961 Jeep News

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This Issue has another foldout, awkward center-page full of congrats this time dedicated to dealers who enjoyed a Nassau vacation. There is also a page celebrating the 51 jeeps used in the 1961 Presidential Inauguration parade. Another page is dedicated to Surreys. Finally, on the last page you’ll find a warning about a scam involving $90 Army jeeps!

1961-01-02-jeep-news1 1961-01-02-jeep-news2

This wide shot shows page 2 (from above) plus pages 3-5 (Nassau dealer holiday):


The Surreys appear on page 6:


The $90 jeep scam pulls on page 8:



4 Comments on “Jan/Feb 1961 Jeep News

  1. Mike

    On page 7, Northeast region, Kalman Motors is mentioned. Kalman Motors was located on Polifly Rd Hackensack, NJ, the MOST FUN PLACE to visit on my long bicycle rides back in the 1960’s. “Old man Kalman” & his son owned the dealership which also was a Pontiac GMC dealer. Next to the shop showroom across the street was a large used vehicle lot filled with trade-ins that somehow never never sold. On a Saturday morning, I’d ride my Bicycle the 6 miles to Hackensack and wander the lot just looking in amazement at at the interesting Jeep vehicles parked along side the many GMC trucks and assorted trade-ins. Lots of DJ3a pizza Jeep trade-ins from Steve’s Pizza sat in the lot for many years, on my many return trips, more pizza Jeeps. Kalman seemed to corner the market on these, Even Bruno’s Pizza Jeeps, (Bruno had 4 wheel drive CJ5’s) I convinced my dad to buy a Bruno pizza Jeep, a 1963 Blue CJ5, Dad gave a $50.00 deposit on the condition it get be repainted. Two weeks later, we go to pick up the Jeep, and to our surprise, it is now green with the old lettering showing through the newly sprayed paint job. Needless to say, we were not happy, young Kalman replied, “the old man can’t see too well”. Dad never got his $50.00 back, end of story.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike: great memories! There are a few more NJ dealer stories in upcoming issues.

    Allan: I guess the “cheap jeep” scan has been around as long as there have been jeeps!

  3. JohnB

    Since scams aren’t a federal thing (unless they’re doing the scamming 🙂 ) and having worked with congressional staffers during my time in the military and as a journalist, it probably went down like this:
    Person gives money to scammer who promises surplus Jeep via an official sounding organization. He waits….and waits…..
    Calls his congressman Bob Dole to get the Pentagon to give him his Jeep.
    Dole’s staff talks with Army who puts them in contact with the surplus sales people. They say..”We don’t have surplus Jeeps, especially at that price,” and have never heard of the office the scammer allegedly worked for.
    So Dole has to tell his constituent, “Sorry….” and puts out a news release to warn people about scams.
    If it’s a common enough scam, the Congressional staffers soon learn and don’t have to make calls to learn the answers.

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