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March 1962 Jeep News

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This eight-page-issue starts with jeeps at the Chicago Show (see page 2 for a wide-photo of the display). As part of my thoughts for a jeep museum, I envisioned a world in the center of a circular room (sort of like what is shown in the front page pic below) and rope attached between the earth, pointing to where a manufacturer was located, and the the other end of the rope connecting to the wall with images and pics related. Then, for more topical related items (such as the jeep’s use with coffee in Colombia) there would be smaller strings connecting the spot on the planet with information on the wall. The northern hemisphere would be on  a second floor and the southern hemisphere on the first floor. In my head it works, lol.

Page three has a reference about an FC that was taken to Alaska by Wells M. Fox and his sister Mrs. Leo J. Miller.

Pages four and five have many dealer references.

Pages six, seven, and eight show off a variety of jeep uses, including a tram setup pulled by an FC-170 with front wheel drive only. There were two of these trams made.

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5 Comments on “March 1962 Jeep News

  1. SteveK

    I would like to have seen a pic of the referenced “Dispatcher with a Willys cab” as said on Page 08, that the Philly Police Department claimed to have in their inventory “under evaluation”.

  2. JohnB

    On page Seven, note the photo of President Reagan with a new CJ-6.
    I think this was a photo op, as I believe his actual CJ-6 was red.
    See the posting on Feb. 5, 2021 for color photos of his 6 and later CJ-8.
    In one shot of the 8, he is wearing riding breeches and boots.
    My late wife’s father had a John Deere lawn equipment dealership in the San Fernando Valley in the 50-90s..aka. “Lawn mowers to the stars”. 🙂
    Reagan was a customer in the early ’60s before his political career.
    My father in law said he always dressed like that. I don’t know if he drove the Jeep to the shop.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    John: I love the “Lawn mowers to the stars”!!!

    Dan: I hadn’t notice that, but I think you are correct!

    Steve: I wonder if they meant the standard DJ top with the sliding doors? That’s the only “Willys cab” I can think of at that time.

  4. Barney Goodwin

    I was surprised to see they fabbed their own tops, but most large cities had capable shops. And it looked like they had to duck their heads while stepping over the body side to get in or out. The sliding doors were a lot more practical for this type of work. I do know that right hand steer ones were used by police departments for parking enforcement – easy to chalk tires with the chalk wand and step in and out easily for enforcement. The City I retired from – Chillicothe Ohio – had one, followed by the Harley icecream box and then a Cushman.

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