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May 1962 Jeep News

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The first few pages of this twelve-page issue cover the introduction of the Tornado engine. For some reason, there’s a small portion of page 3-4 that’s been cut out. I’m not exactly sure why. Page five highlights a row of FCs delivered to the New Jersey Turnpike, while another article discusses Mrs. Delta Burrece’s use of four jeeps to deliver aid tosome Cherokee Indians. Page eight introduces the movie “Magic Tide“, which included a Surrey. The movie was a featurette that seems to have disappeared into obscurity. Page nine shares more information on Kentucky nurses, something covered by these news articles I originally shared in 2018 (or see post below). On page twelve is an article about jeeps operating on a Hawaiian Ranch.

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5 Comments on “May 1962 Jeep News

  1. Mike

    Page 6, 100% club members mentions Richard Rowett of Rowett’s Garage. An old Friend, long passed. Mr. Rowett had a huge, I mean HUGE stock of N.O.S, Jeep parts and Jeep vehicles strewn about his property along Route 23 in Franklin, NJ. Even after his dealership folded, he continued to stock parts and service Jeep Vehicles. What a treasure trove this place was, every possible corner crammed with Jeeps & parts. (I have a ton on pictures) Back in the early 2000’s I bought a lot of his stock and sold it on eBay, still have a few items sitting in the garage. Mr. Rowett was one of my childhood heroes, ( I had Many) Every now and then when I needed a part, I’d take a 45 minute ride to see him and spend time just talking about Jeeps, he had a vast knowledge of repair and Part numbers. I never stopped talking about him, so much that both my mom and dad also enjoyed taking the ride to see him. Thanks Dave for posting this great memory, Mr Rowett was an inspiration to me, even now I think of Rowett’s Garage and it makes me happy.

  2. JohnB

    Interesting, CBS let Cronkite freelance for corporate events/films?
    Not too shocking because other news guys did game shows and other “non-news” stuff.

    I met Walter in grad school…which was the Cronkite School of Communications at ASU in Tempe, circa 1990.
    He would visit a couple of times a year. One day he was sitting in a class of mine. As luck would have it, it was my turn to present the readings and lead the discussion.
    To my surprise, he sat next to me at the head of the table.
    The talk was typical grad school mumbo-jumbo jargon…devised by professors with more classroom time than real world experience.
    But rule #1 towards getting a good grade (which would make my employer happy since they were footing the bill) was to give the professors what they want.
    Let’s just say I felt like a complete a$$, presuming to tell Cronkite anything about the news media or journalism.
    After I said my part, Cronkite addressed the class, turned to me and said “I have no idea what you are talking about, but you said it very well”.
    A laugh went through the room.

    When his memoir came out, he did a nice dedication in my copy.
    And in my den, I have a signed photo of him next to the award I won as the top student.
    A nice guy….as you would expect from a guy who volunteered to fly a WWII combat mission in a 8th Air Force B-17 before his CBS days.

  3. Thomas Martin

    This is awesome. Thanks for posting. I need to buy a copy. Always looking for primary “transitional year” literature for information about the Utility lines (eg, ’50-50.5, ’55-56-57, ’62-63).

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Thomas,

    These issues are hard to find (and I’ve only found them on ebay). These 3 1961 issues are the only ones I know of for sale currently: … FYI: I have paid between $10 to $40 per issue, depending on when it was for sale.

    I have a few duplicate Jeep News issues. I can check and see what I have if interested.

    – Dave

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