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June 1958 Jeep News

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This June 1958 Jeep News issue is only four pages.  There are a variety of stories, including an announcement on the front page indicating the Jeep Jamboree would be starting in July. The back page highlights the Maricopa County Jeep Posse, one of the more storied jeep posse’s in the country.

1958-06-jeep-news2 1958-06-jeep-news3


7 Comments on “June 1958 Jeep News

  1. JohnB

    I wish the top photo on age four was in color.
    The Air Force helicopter shown is a H-19B, the service’s primary helicopter of the ’50s.
    it looks like it has red/orange paint on the nose and tail.
    That is usually seen on aircraft operating in the arctic (to make them easier to see) or, rather surprisingly, desert.
    What is doesn’t have is the 3′ yellow “Rescue” band on the aft fuselage which would indicate it was assigned to a rescue unit.
    The Phoenix are had two air bases then, Williams east of town and Luke to the west. My hunch is the helicopter came from Luke and its red markings are for when it supports operations at the Goldwater gunnery range.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    As a resident of Maricopa County I found the jeep posse article to be some fascinating local history… not sure I’d have wanted to pull “several bodies of persons drowned” out of a lake, however. I wonder if they had a logo, patch or medallion? That’d be cool to see.

  3. JohnB

    Contact the Sheriff’s Office.
    I bet they have a museum somewhere or at least a collection of artifacts at the country historical society.
    In my much smaller town, there is a small police department museum stuffed into a city building and staffed a few days a month by volunteers.

  4. Joe in Mesa

    Thanks Dave and JohnB! I found out there Maricopa County Jeep Posse is still very much around and active. I’ll be on the lookout for a museum and especially for any memorabilia.

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