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May 1959 Jeep News

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This May 1959 issue of Jeep News announced that Willys agreed to continue co-sponsoring the Maverick show obviously dominated the headlines, but it is interesting to see that photos from the 1959 Truth or Consequences race also landed on the front page.

Page two contains dealer news. Page three includes a photo of two DJ-3As with unusual nylon tops, presumably custom made, that are owned by the Sheraton Terrace Motel in San Antonio.

Page five includes a full-page report with photos from the Truth Or Consequences, NM, ‘Jeep’ Vehicle Derby. Page six includes a rare photo of a civil defense wagon. Page seven has an almost full-page report on the eleventh annual Hemet to Borrego cavalcade.

Finally, page eight tells the story of a scout troop that raised money to replace their tired CJ-2A, though they replaced it with a non-jeep station wagon, the scouts noted it wasn’t as capable as the jeep. So, why didn’t a dealer step in to help these scouts get a jeep? ??

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2 Comments on “May 1959 Jeep News

  1. Mike

    As a child, I watched Maverick only for the Willys Jeep commercials. The one that I remember that impressed me the most , was a school bus teetering over a cliff being winched back on to the road by a Jeep vehicle. Looking back, I think this may have been a S-T-R-E-T-C-H to believe this, but it sure was impressive.

  2. JohnB

    -Nice to see Maverick co-star Jack Kelly do some PR for the sponsors.
    Wonder if the more famous James Garner did anything similar?
    While charming on screen, I think he was a bit difficult to get along with.
    In the ’70s he did some off road racing, but not in Jeeps.
    Later in life, he did a Hallmark Hall of Fame film “Decoration Day” where he drove a MB/GPW.

    -It looks like some of the Jeep racers on page 1 and 5 have whitewalls!

    -Wow, the American Mosquito Control Convention….that must have been a party!

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