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May 1958 Jeep News

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The May 1958 issue of Jeep News was only four pages, but the marketing managed to pack in some interesting tidbits. On page one the company discussed the new 3/4 mechanical mule-like prototype. Included is a pic of a model; I wonder what happend to the model? Also on page one, in the lower right of the page is a story about Hugh Smith purposefully driving a jeep through a garage wall to save his brother from a burning garage.

Page two features several FCs, but the one that looks the most interesting (to me) is the unit with the  “Samp-O-Rama” traveling meat counter built for Armour and Company in Atlanta.

Page three has a few DJ-3As. Page four features a story about Mr. S. W. Christie, whose contracting company owned 24 jeeps. Despite all the jeeps he owned, he decided to build his young boys a toy jeep of their own.

1958-05-jeep-news1 1958-05-jeep-news2 1958-05-jeep-news3


4 Comments on “May 1958 Jeep News

  1. Kilroy

    Did the Willys version of the VW engine, ever make it to production?
    I never spied one of those troop/cargo carriers it was meant for either.

  2. Roykilled

    Thanks Dave. Where on earth do you find this kinda shtuff!!! Looks interesting. 400+ pages is typical gubmint paperwork, overkill. Pardon me if’n I don’t provide a review soon…I never tackled War & Peace yet neither.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    In this case, it was just dumb luck. I was trying to answer you question when this doc popped up on Google.

    War & Peace is actually a fair easy read; it’s just a big soap opera. Tolstoy’s stuff was pretty interesting overall (I had a “Russian period” after high school, but before college, when I read Tolstoy, Solzhenitsyn, Pushkin, Turgenev, and Dostoevsky, which was also the time-frame when working on my first jeep .. yes, I had no gf at the time, lol)

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