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December 1961 Jeep News

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The December 1961 issue of Jeep News was only six pages, but still packed into a few interesting items. In the center column of the front page you can see the California Association of ‘Jeep’ Clubs had already come up with rules for jeeping on publics lands. Here in the PNW, we’ve seen a small contingent of folks doing stupid things that ruins it for everyone else. Such is life. Also note the bottom of page one showing the two giant billboards. I’ve never seen pics of these.

An article on page two references a 28-page two-color booklet titled “Your Ten Major Retail Markets”. That’s not one I’ve seen. Anyone else run across it? There’s also a reference to a Fleetvan comparison brochure. You can see pics of that here:…brochure-on-ebay/ (Not sure if I have a copy).

Page three contains something really unique: An Army FC-170 with a camper! The FC camper, an Army FC-170 with a Stahl bed, and an Army Traveller wagon were all headed to Alaska. Page three also has pics from a Billings, Montana, Rough Riders Jeep Club road event.

Page five and six contain a variety of stories, with several photos of FC-170 Fire trucks. Page seven shares the story of a New Jersey firm that operated pizza delivery wagons. Anything you can add to that story Mike?

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5 Comments on “December 1961 Jeep News

  1. Mike

    For perfect pizza, call Viola’s, have Jeeps, will travel. This is a headline story about Viola’s Pizza that appeared in the Paterson Morning Call, August 17, 1961. This is a big write up about the business, having lived in Clifton, NJ right on the Paterson city line during this era, I don’t know how I missed the PIZZA JEEP STORY.
    And to think, I took daily bicycle ride to Scheuer Motors and never saw a Viola’s Pizza Jeep. Viola’s was located in the heart of Paterson, 197 19th St, a somewhat crime ridden area at the time, and still is. Most likely why I never heard of them. Scheuer Motors on Vreeland Ave was about a mile and a half from my house, still on the good side of town, mom would never let me ride my bike to a bad area like 19th St. Irony of this is, at that point in time, I had a Morning Call newspaper route. Thanks Dave, this is a nice surprise Christmas gift.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I figured you’d be able to add some great color commentary, so thanks for that. Merry Christmas!

    – Dave

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Excellent point! Very interesting…. cool stuff.

    To me, this is either the first documented, factory-installed, four wheel drive DJ-3A or a repurposed or reconditioned CJ-3A. It’s not clear to me from the blurb whether the jeep is brand new, meaning a converted DJ-3A, or not.

    – Dave

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