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October 1961 Jeep News

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The October 1961 issue of Jeep News was eight pages. Page one included a couple photos of the FJ-3A from different angles. Willys Motors also announced that eleven TV commercials would hit the airwaves over the coming months. I am not sure sure if all these commercials have been saved to YouTube or not.

Page two shows the results of the second annual Las Cruces Jeepathon. The event featured fifteen racers and 8500 spectators. An article on page two also noted that the October 1961 issue of United Airlines Mainliner magazine featured four images of jeeps, including “a lavatory truck, Surrey, FC-170, and a conventional one-ton pickup truck”.

Page three shows a small elephant in the back of an FC-170 along with Joan Crawford with an DJ-3A Surrey. Page four shows two ‘comparison-data’ brochures, one for the truck and one for the wagon. Another of these was published for the CJ-5 and DJ-3A and is available on eBay.

Pages five and six are mostly dealer information. Page seven is highlighted by Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida and their movie ‘Come September’.

Page eight shares the story of Evie Durant, a church worker who uses her jeep for a variety of tasks in Alabama. Also on the page is a surprisingly robust rebuild of a CJ-6 into a swamp maneuvering, oil searching rig. Finally, there’s a short story of some college graduates and their training with the Audio-Visual wagons prior to their departure of Africa.

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