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Tour Jeep Bed Removed II

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The tour jeep bed is now on rollers so I can moved it around. In the meantime, I drove the chassis outside so I could blow off the dust (a little chilly for washing it just yet).

Looking more closely at the transfercase, the tag on it has been removed, but it looks to me to be an NP 207, but I’ve never worked on these, so I could say for sure. After doing some research online, I see one challenge to making the 207 usable is that there isn’t a cable setup for shifting being offered as an option.

Moreover, some forums suggest the 207 is pretty weak and the 231 is a better option (for which there is a cable option). However, most likely any cable option will have to be a custom install anyway, as the cable length will need to be long enough to reach the cab area. Anyone have thoughts on this? Is the 207 good enough? if in 4WD low range is the 207 strong enough to deal with the weight of real trail jeeping?

2024-01-27-tour-jeep-bed-off2 2024-01-27-tour-jeep-bed-off3 2024-01-27-tour-jeep-bed-off4 2024-01-27-tour-jeep-bed-off5





5 Comments on “Tour Jeep Bed Removed II

  1. Red Neck

    Hey Dave; Jesse’s build blog says dat’s an NP241. I see a mechanical shift lever there. Maybe some sort of bellcrank arrangement, mounted on that bolt in the adapter between the xfer & 350. Wuttever…if you decide on R&R, yer gonna need a replacement xfer with a mechanical speedo drive. I think the 231 is electronic.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    The case number is c-15511, which is how I arrived at an NP-207. Visually, the case matches a 207 also. The speedo is mechanical.

    The 231 can use a cable, which is why I wondered if the 207 could as well.

  3. Red Face

    Sounds good bro; Justin Case; tell us wutt spins it all Dave E.
    EFI/’puter, or carb. Spline count differs fer input/output shafts, depending on choice of driveline components. Lotsa unknown variables in this equation.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Dave: Thanks … I am awaiting a response from Marty, but will contact Herm/Adam if I don’t hear back.

    Red: I am told it has a built 350 chev, followed by a Th350 tranny.

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