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1967 CJ-6 Prosper, TX $11,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/24/2023) Has a Meyer-branded hardtop  with the PTO and T-98. Lacks a title.

1967-cj6-prosper-tx6 1967-cj6-prosper-tx7 1967-cj6-prosper-tx8 1967-cj6-prosper-tx9

“1967 Jeep CJ6 model and is pretty much original. Has the 4 Cylinder with the T98 four speed with a rear facing PTO output. Has a warn winch from the 80’s up front and the original Jeep hardtop. I am the third owner of it and have only added a new fuel tank to it and a BDS 2.5” spring lift with new shocks. Outside of that it is untouched since last owner. I have both the original Willy’s wheels as well as the cj5 renegade wheels that go with it. Runs and drives good just not fast. Issues I know of that it has: Surface rust on driver floor. Passenger door needs to be tinkered with can only be opened from inside. Rear seat is not on original brackets and needs cove Need to file for lost Title as previous owner lost it and I have never taken the time to go take care of it. Have all paperwork (registration and maintenance) from two previous owners dating back to 1977.”


One comment on “1967 CJ-6 Prosper, TX $11,000

  1. Will R.

    11K with no title, two previous owners back to 1977? Been there done that, seller needs to clear up the title in his name then put it up for sale. Otherwise its a mess and could possibly have been stolen years ago. And that could mean loss of 11K and vehicle goes back to real owner.

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