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1961 CJ-5 Morristown, NJ $23,000

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Gary shared this low-mile CJ-5, which rings in at 6,619 miles (assuming it hasn’t been run backwards). Given the overall condition, it seems probable that the mileage is accurate, though I’m surprised at the mods given its short work life.

“Selling a one registered owner 1961 CJ5. 6k ORIGINAL MILES. I bought from original owner 20 some years ago. Still in his name with ORIGINAL NJ title . This CJ5 is as good as you could ever find. ORIGINAL EVERYTHING including tires. ( Goodyear Suburbanites). He used it to plow his drive and go to town. Parked it in heated basement with chains still on it in 1983. Hasn’t been started in 40 years. A TIME CAPSULE”

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1961-cj5-morristown-nj7 1961-cj5-morristown-nj8 1961-cj5-morristown-nj9


7 Comments on “1961 CJ-5 Morristown, NJ $23,000

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Nice time capsule. I see your concern about the actual miles, but that appears right for what I’m seeing. I don’t thinks it’s unusual considering the history. Our 71 in our ad (lower right hand) has a little over 13K, having served half on a ranch. Would be interesting to know how many hours are on the Hobbs Meter shown. Another little detail I caught….The headlight switch knob “LIGHTS” at the upper right of the cluster still has the dried, white car wax used to preserve nos replacement knobs from the dealer. It protects the plastic in storage and helps shine the knob when you remove it. Also note the original paper fresh air hose from the plinth on the grill to the heater intake. Those wouldn’t last without refraining from getting under the hood constantly. I don’t think the AM radio is dealership. Can’t see closeup on the Suberbanites for checking cracks, but I’ve see lots of them that age without them. Good tires! Wonder why the plow isn’t mentioned. Pricing? I see that grade going for 20 without the plow. Reasonable considering the price of side-bys today. But when people jump title, I run.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I don’t understand the title situation either. It seems a nice Jeep not to have assumed title.

  3. Mike P

    Why the rust on the radiator if stored in heated area. Brake and clutch pedal look to worn for only 6000 miles. looks clean, but i agree not transfering title is concerning.

  4. Terry

    Beware high-dollar low milage jeeps, you can remove and spin back the odometer in about an hour. Beware also any low-milage jeep with a snowplow, 6k miles on a snowplow jeep is like 60k on a street driven jeep.

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