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FC Tour Jeep – Brake MC & Bracket & Other Details

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My poor wife has been down with neck and shoulder spasms for the past two weeks, so time with the FC has been limited. She’s finally feeling a little better, though still unable to drive and do a variety of tasks. At least she has less pain.

In the meantime, I’ve been gathering/making what I have needed to assembling the dual-mc brake setup. The goal was to move the MC back between the brackets so that it is completely hidden under the dash using as many stock components as I could. I mostly followed Steve’s design, but mine is an 1/8inch wider to accommodate the nylon washers.

To the setup I’ve also added Chev brake light switch (left over from disassembly). I happened to have a leftover spring bolt with a zerk fitting that will allow me to apply grease to the brake pedal pivot if necessary (I am waiting to trim down the bolt in case I the end for smoother purpose, such as an extra anchor point of the steering column. To each side of the pedal pivot I’ve added two thin nylon washers which should reduce metal wear between the pivot and the brackets.



I am unsure what direction I want the MC fluid tops to point. The reservoirs will likely hang on the firewall, but that’s TBD.
2024-03-02-brake-mc4 2024-03-02-brake-mc3

The brake setup is ready to be installed, but I’ll wait until decide how I want to run the wiring and steering.

In other brake news, I spent some time looking into ways to connect the parking-brake cables to a parking-brake mechanism in the cab when I came upon this much easier solution from The reviews I’ve seen so far are great. It’s a push-button electric brake setup that, apparently, dings when activated, so that you don’t forget it is activated.


The brake is installed somewhere along the frame, so the length of the Ford Chassis is well setup to accommodate the E-Stopp mechanism.


Here is the parking brake cable looking backward. Apparently, this was used to secure the fuel line. The cable splits into two cables at that metal piece just behind the fuel pump.


In kitty news, yesterday received the  Flaming River V-Dog unit. I was rough testing where to install it while laying on the ground, when one our cats (I can never tell which one) hopped into the FC top provide direction. She had opinions on the matter. I thought the pics showed the V-Dog had 3/4 DD shafts, when actually both shafts are 36 spline, so I have to get a couple of adapters.




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