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FC Tour Jeep Progress

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There were lots more internet searches, measurements, and disassembly over the past two days. One of my goals is to have the option to put in an original heater into the heater space, so keeping that area free has been a goal. In keeping with that, I decided to remove the power switch and put it in the spot where the vacuum hub switch was located (Just to the right of the driver’s seat). Meanwhile, the hub vacuum switch is removed and sitting temporarily on the engine; it will eventually go near the transfercase shifter to make it clear they work together.

Here’s where the switches were originally located:


Here’s another diagram. Here I have test-installed the switch, which fills the hole left by the vacuum switch, but sits lower than the vacuum switch. Meanwhile, I’ve mocked up how the transfercase lever should look once it is installed, with an arrow showing approximately where the vacuum switch will land next to the shifter.


Moving the power switch shortens the run from the battery and starter to the switch, it also cleans up the area behind the grille. In addition, when looking through the grill from the front you could see the wiring crossing the tunnel to the bottom of the switch.

Yesterday, I spent time staring up at the tunnel area from the ground, measuring tape in hand, pondering and plotting. I discovered that the water pump fan, used in this case to cool the transmission cooler, will not allow any of the after-market transfercase shifters to fit. Given the fan doesn’t really align all that well with the cooler anyway, I have decided to get a transmission cooler-electric fan combo. I can position in under the tunnel in a way that is more flexible.

So, things seem to be coming together. I still want to find a place for the extra gauges and am pondering a 4-in-1 gauges which will be a more compact and less obtrusive option, but haven’t found one that satisfies the specs.




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  1. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Blaine! Knowing where that came from might prove useful at some point.

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