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FC Tour Jeep Updates

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In between various chores, I’ve completed the gas pedal linkage. It is most definitely a stronger setup and, to be honest, a bit of overkill, but it should hold up well. I will get some better pics when I tear it apart for some final clean up and paint.


2024-05-19-gas-pedal-linkage1Underneath, there is a bracket that secures the cable in place and provides a place to secure the spring. Forward of that is the cam. When the pedal is depressed, the cam arm is pushed down, which rotates the assembly counter clockwise, pulling the accelerator cable forward. 
2024-05-19-gas-pedal-linkage4 2024-05-19-gas-pedal-linkage3 2024-05-19-gas-pedal-linkage2

You can also see in the pics the new cover plate where originally the transmission shifter would come through the wheel well and, in the case of this FC, a spot that was updated to accommodate the Wilwood proportioner. The proportioner has been turned sideways and now must be access via the engine compartment, which was done to stop curious hands from playing with it.

This is how it looked before:


And this is where it is located now:



The area where the proportional valve extends from was already cut out, so I took advantage of that. As you can see, the cab really needs a good overhaul and metal work, but that has to be a future project.

You can also see that I’ve created a mounting plate for the main power supply switch. I had planned to install the gauges there, but I just wasn’t positive I was going to love that. So, I will use the supplied mini-dash and mount it under the stock dash. I figure that’s the least intrusive way to mount them. In the meantime, the switch mounting plate fills the hole left from something else.

The next two projects are the fuse box mount and the seat mounts.


2 Comments on “FC Tour Jeep Updates

  1. Kurt in Wenatchee

    The fun thing on a project like yours is everything is a custom one off. Looking good

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Kurt .. I’d rather limit the custom parts, as off-the-shelf parts would move this project along faster, along with them being easier to replace.

    More progress made today and I hope for some more tomorrow.

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