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FC Seats

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More progress made, as the passenger seat bracket holes were drilled (studs were rusted) and the stock brackets look appear to fit perfectly.

However the driver’s side holes, due to some previous patches and brittle metal, aren’t visible. So, I am attempting to estimate their location. The rough distance I measured is from the front of the hat channel bracket just behind where the seat posts rest to the seat brackets shown below. The 16 1/4 inches might be a little short. Anyone have the correct measurement for a circa 1960 FC-170?


Here is the driver’s seat from underneath, per Will’s question:


Here’s an example from another FC-170 with the same brackets (from this post):


Passenger seat:

2024-05-28-fc-seats2 2024-05-28-fc-seats1



10 Comments on “FC Seats

  1. Will R.

    Hi Dave. My 57 FC150 has factory seat slides not tilt mounts, drivers seat does not tilt. Are you asking for measurements for the drivers seat slide mounting holes? I believe all FC’s had slide mount drivers seats.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Yes, am looking for the holes measurement. Sorry I didnt spell that out more clearly.

    Hmmm … Craig sold me this pair of seats and the mounts for this FC-170, so I figured that is the correct mount and seat for the driver’s side?

    Will check more closely when I get home today.

  3. Blaine

    The placement in your first picture matches (16 3/4″ to hole center) a few of my later FCs. Early appears to be 1/2 inch further forward. Another cab is half way between the two. And some loose production tolerances too.

  4. Iowa Steve

    This reminds me that when I had my seats recovered the drivers and passengers are two different sizes. The business I had this done at still has the patterns and did a excellent and reasonable price for the new covers.

  5. David Eilers Post author


    Did they just do the covers? Or did the redo the underlying material?

  6. Dave from Mn

    Believe that there is different mounting between early and late and 150’s. Craig Brockhaus probably knows.

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