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Fiberglass Flatfender Body Clovis, Ca $200

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

UPDATE:  I received some pics from the seller.  The holes aren’t all that bad (I’ve dealt with worse), but the right rear wheel well has seen some stress.  I’d have to look at that much more closely. I believe the body is the same as my old jeep, which was a light duty body.  The good news, the area over the transmission looks like it’s hardly been touched.  This is usually cut up.

The windshield is certainly unusual.

“1944 Willy’s Fiberglass tub, hood, & fenders. $200 o.b.o. Call Clint @ 559-346-1650.”






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A list of Vintage Hubs

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

Here’s a list of vintage hubs from a Rover-related website called  Below is an example of Perfect Circle Hubs produced by a division of the Dana Corp called, not surprisingly, Perfect Circle.

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Fiberglass Flatfender Body Roseville, Ca $1000

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

fiberglass_flatfender_body_rosevilleThis looks like a lighter duty fiberglass body similar to the fiberglass body I used on my first jeep.

“Replacement fiberglass tub for all flat fender Willys Jeep models. Comes with high-back, brand new, fiberglass seats with lap belts. Also has a perfect grill. This tub is in excellent shape, no holes and its never been mounted. The grill and tub are ready for your paint! This will shorten your project by months! Please call Mark @ 916-295-9157 for more information.”

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Brian needs a passenger side fender

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, wanted

Brian, who is in Michigan, needs a passenger side fender.  It does not have to be perfect because he plans to take the hat channel off it and remove the bulge for the battery. He needs the top and bull nose and the area that mounts to the side step to be in good shape.

If you have something, let me know and I’ll hook you up with him.

– Dave

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MB Grilles Sequim, Wa Varies

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, MB

mb_grilles_sequimThis seller thinks he’s got CJ-2A grilles, but they are really MB grilles.  I count 3 grilles, plus a fender and a tailgate.  Check out the ad for specific prices.  These are located way up on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula.

“I have several years worth of Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Mopar, Muscle Car and Jeep parts. Please don’t ask if I have something else if it is not pictured here. This is what I am willing to part with right now. All prices are OBO, but please do not insult me. …”

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Fiberglass Racing Body Selah, WA **SOLD**

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flatfender_racebody_selahUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $250

“flat fender race jeep body with fenders,& grill lengthened by 8+” narrowed by 12″ $250 firm call”

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Fiberglass Flat Fender Bobcat Hood Puyallup, Wa **SOLD**

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bobcat_hood_fiberglass_portlandI am pretty sure this sold

It looks in excellent shape.  I didn’t see any of these classic hoods at the swap meet (or they had already sold).  Having Don’s old card in the glass is a cool benefit.

“Vintage Aftermarket Jeep Hood for CJ2A CJ3A M38 MB & GPW. This “Bobcat hood” is a real find. The fiberglass has no cracks and the hinge works good. You can tell its vintage because there is a business card in the glass for (Don Prine’s) Prine’s Jeep Service and the phone # is JU 4-6648. So I would guess 60’s or before. The hump can give your air filter more room if you have a V-6 or V-8 under your hood. And it looks good..

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Question: Front Fender Flares for a Flattie?

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fenderflaresA reader asked if anyone knew where someone could purchase a set of fender flares for the front fenders of a flattie? Let me know if you have a lead and I’ll pass it on.

Thanks … Dave

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DJ-3A? Flat Fender Body & Running Gear Tri Cities, Wa $500

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, DJ-3A

flatfender_tricitiesNote the large round speedometer.  This is likely a DJ-3A body with a tailgate. This is rare enough to be worth a closer look.

“Includes running gear. $500 OBO Call 509-865-2886”

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Wanted: CJ-3A Tub in Bend Or

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-3A

We’ve a got a jeeper looking for a tub.  Anyone have one near Bend?

“I’m looking for a CJ3A tub. Years 49-53 if possible. Would be willing to pay cash if it’s a good deal.”

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MD JUAN — Jeep Restorations in the Phillipines

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, stainless/jewels

mdjuan_logoA reader sent me to a Craigslist-like website for the sale of all kinds of items in the Phillipines (I’ll save that discussion for a post tomorrow).  Along the journey, I came across the website for MD JUAN, a Phillipine based company that some of you are probably aware of that does jeep restorations and supplies parts to resellers all over the world, including North America.

So, it’s clear that at least some jeep body parts are being exported from the Phillipines into the United States through 5 different US Resellers.  Moreover, the company has been in business in some fashion since 1967, so it’s been doing it a while.  So, perhaps there is some way to work with those importers to bring in stainless body parts (for those interested in non-Jewels stainless)?

Also interesting, MD JUAN sells 1945 MBs.  No price is listed, however they do include an email address.


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Flat fender fiberglass tub/body Reading, PA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A, CJ-3A • TAGS: .

fiberglass_tub_readingUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

“Willy’s Flat Fender Fiberglass Jeep body/tub.  Fits 1946-1965 CJ2A, CJ3A, & CJ3B Jeeps with 80” wheel base. BRAND NEW – very durable FIBERGLASS.  Use on the road and/or off the road. ** Asking $1500.00 “

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My call with Don Prine about Stainless Steel and More …

I spoke with Don Prine today (12/24/08).  Don lives and runs a shop outside of Tacoma, Washington.  I quickly learned that Don is quite the character.  If I remember correctly, Don said he’s 91 years old and it’s clear to me he has no plans to retire.  He’s at the shop regularly and he’ll be there on the 26th, he told me, snow permitting.

Don’s been in the jeep business for 40+ years.  He told me stories of purchasing surplus jeeps in lots (one time 80 m38a1s), or as he put it, ‘the bank and I purchased them’.  We talked about some of the other jeeps he had purchased and  we exchanged some names of people we both knew in the Jeeping world.  Then he kindly provided me several contacts of his own in the Boise area he said I should call.  It did not take me long to figure out that Don has friends  everywhere.

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1944 MB/GPW (?) Body Clovis, Ca $700

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, GPW (Ford MB), MB

I can’t say for certain, but the year would indicate this is a MB or GPW body and parts.  No condition noted and no pics included.  It’s been available since at least Nov 24th.

“1944 Willy’s body for sale. Body, fenders, and hood. $700.00 or best offer. Call 346-1650.”

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Steel Side Guards for flatties Spokane, Wa $35

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

I don’t know whether these are made anymore (anyone know)?  What I do know is that this is the first set I’ve seen for sale in two years of watching craigslist.  In addition, I haven’t seen a design quite like that. Normally, the steel is taller and goes up farther on the body.

“Here is a pair of vintage side rocker panel guards for a flatfender Jeep. They are steel and have some pittting from age but are straight! Hide that nasty rust with these vintage goodies! (((Please call instead of emailing for faster response))) $35 or part of a trade for a set of 15×10 or 15×8.5 American Racing Vector wheels…Think Dukes of Hazzard….. 953-7151 Matt”

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Fiberglass Race Body and Desert Dog/Coop Tires Eatonville, Wa

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Features, Racing, Tires and Rims • TAGS: , , .


If you are doing some PNW racing, here’s some good stuff for you.  Plenty of tread on those tires.  The body comes with fenders, hood and grille.

“Bobcat willys flat fender race body complete with seperate fenders hood and grill. Has removalable tailgate and no floor. Very good condition.$700.00

4 co-op front tires. 2 are brand new, 2 have 1 race and 1 spare. 10 desert dogs 2 are brand new and the rest are 60% and 85-90%. $1000.00 for all. Must take all tires. Will not separate.”

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Aluminum CJ-2A body Spanaway, Wa $2000

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

Update:  The price is now $2000

This was for sale as part of a project a couple months ago.

“aluminum tub new 253-212-6047 ”

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Flat Fender Repro Body Nevada $1500 – $2000

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

This is a brand new reproduction body that includes front clip and windshield frame.  Never installed.  If you already have a title, then this is a pretty sweet deal for only $1500.

“New, never installed, Jeep Flat Fender body. Includes tub, front fenders, grill/radiator support, radiator, hood, windshield frame. This was a project that never got started, built a CJ7 instead. It cost over $3000.00 new, I will take $2000.00 with title and VIN plate or $1500.00 without title and VIN plate. Prices are firm. Reply to this ad for more details, questions or to make an offer.”

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Fiberglass tub and front clip, St. Maries, ID **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, DJ-3A • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $550

It says it’s never been used, but it looks like the front clip was ready to be installed.  If it is in as good as shape as advertised, then this is a great price.

“Willy’s Jeep CJ2A, CJ3A, or MB Fiberglass Tub with Steel Fenders, grill, & tailgate. It’s never been used, no cracks – good shape! Also has a fiberglass tailgate included. There is a frame included if you want it.”

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Old School Baja Fiberglass Seats Spokane, Wa $30 obo

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

I haven't seen these type of seats in years.

"Baja fiberglass bucket seats with covers(covers are worn as you can see from pictures).Come with brackets that are adjustable.Came out of a CJ Jeep.$ or call 939-4910.Thanks." 

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Fiberglass Body and Grille

• CATEGORIES: Biscuit, Body Parts, Features • TAGS: .

Here's a few pictures of the Body and Grille I grabbed while down in Springfield, Oregon a couple of days ago. I need to get a few better pics of it.  I've got it listed for $450 on Craigslist.  

The outside of the body is in excellent shape and would make a great racing shell for PNW4WDA racing. The interior of the body is well designed and strong and could make a good jeeping/street body, however the plywood attached to the bottom is bad in spots, but could be fixed pretty easily.  Also, the firewall has an extra large opening that needs to be closed.  Otherwise, the body looks straight and is pretty light.

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Aluminum Tub From $3,799

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

This is the first Aluminum Flatfender Tub for sale that I've run across.  Anyone have any experience with these? 

"If you're thinking of replacing a tired CJ body tub with a fiberglass or steel unit, why not also consider the benefits of aluminum? These amazing aluminum bodies are 30% stronger than steel and the example CJ-7 tub weighs only 275 pounds…." 

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Fiberglass Flatfender Tub $198 Kelso, Wa

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts • TAGS: .

This fiberglass flatfender tub appears to be exactly what I started with, but it is in better condition than mine was.  Note the gas tank inlets on both sides and the wide rim around the back of the body (though I'm wondering if the rim isn't slightly wider than mine).  Interestingly, it has very similar cutouts in the wheel wells (for seats) that mine did.  In a year and a half of looking this is only the second of this style I have seen.

"what you see if what you get unknown manaufacturer but heay they rerail for 2k can you complain for under $200? peramently fix the rust issue, lighten the load, eliminate dents" 

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CJ-3B Fiberglass Bodies

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UPDATE: Since I wrote this back in April of 2008, I have learned that someone in the Seattle Area purchased the Parkette molds, but I still haven’t learned who.

In April of 2008 there was an ad from a buyer looking for a CJ-3B Fiberglass body.  Frankly, he was the only person I have come across on Craigslist looking for a fiberglass jeep body other than I.  The CJ-3B bodies are very rare.

I did search and found a guy named Rick in the Northwest who says he has a CJ-3B mold (looks like a parkette mold with the side stripe).  Here’s a website that show’s a variety of pics of him building his CJ-3B. (see more of his pics below)

According to the CJ-3B Page, there are no sellers of CJ-3B fiberglass bodies.

To the right is a fiberglass CJ-3B body I found for sale back in 2008.

“This is a Willy’s Jeep that i got off a friend in a trade. it was sitting in his field for years. it used to be covered but the tarp blew off a couple of years ago. someone put it together in the 80’s with a fiberglass body tub and fenders. they didn’t do such a good job, the wiring is atrocious and it needs alot of other work, but they did put lockouts and disc brakes up front, thats a plus. it needs to be completely stripped down and re-done.”

Here’s more pics of Rick’s Fiberglass CJ-3B with a Parkette (?) Fiberglass Body.  You can read more about it here:




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MB Body on CJ-2A frame

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, How To

A reader asked how well a MB Body would fit onto a CJ-2A frame.  My guess was that it fits pretty well, though some minor mods are necessary.  This website provides some further clues  The site suggests that body mounts might have to be changed slightly.

Anyone have experience doing this?