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WW2 Couse Navy Trailer Gustine, CA on eBay

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I don’t know much about these trailers.

” This is a US Navy Military World War 2 Trailer built by Couse Labs for the US Navy. Its hard to read the date plate. It says Spares Trailer, Type CAHT-10284, Department of Ships. Serial number 211 I think. There is a picture of the date plate. We have only seen one restored online, its the only other one we were able to find. I believe its got one “combat rim” on it and one M38A1.Will help load her onto a truck if needed. There is another Combat Rim that will go with her (pictured). The last picture is of a Couse Labs built US Navy Trailer restored.”

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1944 Airborne Hand Cart on eBay

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I don’t know anything about these, but thought some of you would find it interesting.

“This is a 1944 Omaha Industries M3A4 Hand Cart. Omaha only made around 3600 M3A4′s, making this one of the rarer manufacturers to find.

This cart is very complete- it is only missing the draw bar, as most ones that get found are, and the cover and tow ropes. All these are available as reproductions.

The body is straight and is “barn fresh”, with only light surface rust. A quick clean up and some paint and it will look great. All the proper hardware appears to be there and it looks to be in good shape.

The wheels are intact and the original military marked tires are there. The tires do have damage, but a skilled person may very well to able save them since they are tube type. The damage on both is to the inside so they could be good display tires. In addition I am including a brand new pair of Carlisle tires that are the closest tires available to one of the styles used in WWII, these tires are $100+ alone. This gives the restorer an option of what tires to use.

The original and very hard to find bearing covers are not installed, but are included.”

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1945 Bantam Trailer Gustine, CA on eBay

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The seller selling the Navy trailer is also selling this one.

” This is basically a barn find. Its Original and in need or a restoration. Its an American Bantam Cab Company built USMC 1/4 Ton World War 2 trailer. The original data plate with the original serial number is still on it. Serial Number is 65108. Date of delivery is 3-1-45. There is a “combat rim” that goes with it. As you can see by the picture the rim needs work! Personally I think its a great project for someone to enjoy.”

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A Tear Drop Camper for a MB

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Steve spotted this great article about a jeep owner who decided to build a teardrop trailer for his rig.  Alan Johnson wrote the article as part of the premiere issue of Cool Tears and Tiny Campers Magazine, a magazine devoted to small campers.

The more I look at these, the more one of these might be a good solution for our trip back east.  I guess I’ll need to share this idea with my wife.

You can read the entire story from Cool Tears here


You can see the trailer loaded in front of the jeep — Cool Tears Magazine

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1951 M-38 & Trailer Weatherford, TX $16,000

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Nice looking jeep.

“Restored 1951 M38 Willy’s Army Jeep – Ser. No. 24,675 MFG 9-51
The M38 only had a two year production run, during which time only 62,329 were built (compared with the nearly 650 thousand MB’s and GPW’s built during WWII). It has several unique characteristics with the WWII jeep. First with 24 volt electrical system,one piece windshield, tires sized 7×16 instead of the 6×16, and last and best of flat fender jeeps, last of the flat head 4 cylinder engines, and first jeep with true fording capabilities (sealed sparkplugs and distributer) when equipped with a snorkel and tail pipe extension and of course the removable tailgate.
Though restored, this has been changed to a 12 volt system and does not have the sealed(waterproof)plugs. So here is an M38 that no only looks good, but is road ready.
The trailer is restored and used in the Memorial Day Parade. SOLD AS A PAIR ONLY
Located in Weatherford, Texas”

1951-m38-trailer-weatherford-tx1 1951-m38-trailer-weatherford-tx2 1951-m38-trailer-weatherford-tx3 1951-m38-trailer-weatherford-tx4

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1950 CJ-3A + Trailer Chardon, OH $16,500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, trailer

No pics provided.

“1950 Willy’s Jeep with Trailer
CJ3A restored, 100% original, looks, runs, drives great. Has canvas top, civilian model trailer (smaller frame), lots of spare parts, military wheels, and tires on jeep and trailer. Standard wheels for jeep on the side. Jeep is 100% solid, immaculate, and rust free. Trailer is solid but could use fresh paint.
Email for pictures please.”

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1950 CJ-3A + Trailer Chardon, OH $16,500

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The other pics are a little small, but it appears solid.

“CJ3A restored, 100% original, looks, runs, drives great. Has canvas top, civilian model trailer (smaller frame), lots of spare parts, military wheels, and tires on jeep and trailer. Standard wheels for jeep on the side. Jeep is 100% solid, immaculate, and rust free. Trailer is solid but could use fresh paint.”


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Sears David Bradley Trailer Crystal Lake, IL $680

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Mark is selling his Sears David Bradley Trailer. He
hopes to get pictures soon. href=""
target="_blank">This picture shows a similar trailer.
Apparently, these were available for both the military and
civilians (through Sears, Roebuck & CO). Mark’s trailer
comes with vintage 16″ bias tires. “Selling my Sears David Bradley
vintage single axle trailer. It’s all sanded, primered and painted
Rust Oleum olive, now. Putting on new tail lights this weekend.
This is a Wisconsin trailer and they have no titles. Asking $680.
In Crystal Lake, IL, a north west suburb of Chicago.”

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Czech Army Field Kitchen on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, trailer

I cannot attest to the accuracy of the seller’s claims, but a kitchen on wheels is always a hit with me!

“Original Czech Army field kitchen. This one has been fully restored to working condition. Has been converted to propane burners, new receiver, new wiring and lights. Made to tow out to the field and cook lots of grub for the troops. Has a gasoline burner that heats the 2 rear pots. The third pot can be used to keep the food warm.”

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Wiring Harness for Trailer on eBay

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Anyone recognize this harness?

“We found this while cleaning out my fathers estate. I believe it MAY be a wiring harness but I am not to sure. The condition is as you see it pictured. This device was not, will not and cannot be tested as I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea on how to do so. The cord as well as the rest of the attachments are very HEAVY!  Due to the nature of this auction and my blatant lack of knowledge of these kinds of artifacts in general, I have started the bidding low with no reserve. This apparatus is being offered on an as-is and/or as-found basis. If however you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask as I will do my best to answer them to the best of my ability.”

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1962 Truck & Trailer Spanish Fork, UT on eBay

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UPDATE:  Back on eBay

(10/25/2012) This is a nice looking combo.

“1962 Willy’s pickup with matching willy’s trailer included, trailer is from approximately the 1950′s. Original equipment body, frame, 5 rims, glass, front bumper, and much more. New gas tank and sending unit. Things that need fixing include temperature gauge, gas gauge, wipers system and some oil leaks. Most everything else works fine but could use more attention. The engine clutch and back bumper are from a 1974 Chev 1/2 ton truck and the engine runs well. I do not deliver, buyer is responsible for making arrangements to get the vehicle. The paint looks nice but the paint preparation was not all professionally done so there are areas of the body work that are not smooth. Drives with some roughness and noise but is sound and functional. Nice vintage vehicle that is usable and fun.”

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Trailer Palm Beach, FL $1200

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Mark posted this at

I got it from my uncle around 1960. He was in the USAF in WW II and I believe he got it from a military surplus outlet sometime in the 50s. It is in overall good condition and can be easily restored. The blue rims are original 16″ split rims.

City: West Palm Beach
State: FL

Price: $1,200 plus shipping

Please contact George at:

phone: (561) 683-2552


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1948? Trailer Rutherfordton, NC $350

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Walter spotted this trailer.  It looks like a good price for a rustfree trailer.

“Jeep trailer for sale. 1948 1/4 ton with Pentle hitch, park brake, no rust, good tires with spare. Asking $350.00 firm. Call Mike at 828-429-4872″

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Panel Wagon Trailer Houston, TX **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **status Unknown** Was listed at $1200.

This is a perfect trailer for a panel wagon.

“Converted black 64′ Willy Jeep station wagon, covered cargo trailer.

FEATURES: New tires; new receiver; recently painted and stored indoors; real axle; leaf spring suspension; newer tail lights and wiring; locking vertical access doors;
Roughly 8 x 5
Clean Texas registration”




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1943 Converto Airborne Dump Trailer Kathleen, GA eBay

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This needs some work, but looks restorable.

“The Trailer, Dump, 2 Wheel, 1/2 Ton Airborne was manufactured during WW II by Converto Manufacturing Company. It was designed for use with jeeps and light trucks for hauling tools, equipment, and other supplies in support of Airborne Engineer operations. This trailer was distinguished by having the ability to tilt and dump its contents (for example, sand or dirt) through a rear tailgate.

The single axle, two wheel, all-steel trailer was rated for a 1/2 ton payload. It had a military-standard lunette eye for attachment to a pintle hook on the towing vehicle. A landing leg (stanchion) is provided to hold the trailer level when not attached to a towing vehicle. For dumping, two levers are operated either by a helper at the trailer or via a rope pull from the driver or passenger position in the towing vehicle. One lever (Tailgate Trip) unlocks the tailgate and the other (Dump Release) activates raising the body to the dumping angle. A body lock, when engaged, prevents the trailer from dumping.”

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1947 CJ-2A Brigantine Beach, NJ eBay

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This includes a trailer and scooter.




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1942 GPW Cumming, GA eBay

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UPDATE: Back on eBay

(10/23/2012) This has an unusual story.

“O.K. military personnel, here’s your chance to own an iconic piece of history. This is an authentic 1942 Military Jeep (Ford GPW); matching frame and I.D. Plate. This jeep is probably one of the numerous leftovers from World War 2, Asian theater, as it was rebuilt at the 229TH Ordnance Base Depot, Oppama Ordnance Shop (OOS), located in Japan.

I’ve been told that this was a former Japanese navy aircraft rebuild facility located in Yokohama, Japan and was converted to the 229TH Ordnance Base Depot, after the war; much of what they rebuild went to the Korean conflict. I corresponded with a soldier who was stationed there during that time period and he told me that depot rebuilds were performed at the component level; every piece removed and replaced. That may account for jeeps that we find with a mixture of GPW and MB parts on them. I’m not sure if that is when my jeep was fitted with the body tub and windshield for a recoilless rifle, but it is a recoilless rifle version although it has round buttons on the rear tool boxes which suggest it is a MB tub.

According to Fred W. Crismon’s book U.S. MILITARY WHEELED VEHICLES, recoilless rifles were first tried in April 1945 on flat fendered jeeps. It became more commonplace during the 1950’s on M38 (flat fendered) and M38A1 (curved fender) jeeps although my body tub still has the gas tank filler under the seat suggesting an earlier version. The open back of the body tub suggests to me that this tub may have been designed for use with the latter M79 mount instead of the earlier version M75A1 mount, but I don’t know.

Therefore, I can’t be sure when it was installed unless this information is part of the Ordnance Depot Job Order Number detail, and I’m not sure if that data is still available. I don’t have the recoilless rifle and mount, but they do appear for sale from time to time which would significantly increase the value of the jeep. Included with the jeep is an authentic tow bar and 1951 Dunbar trailer. I’ve been told that the trailer is a typical companion of a recoilless rifle for carrying ammo and ancillary items for operating the rifle.

Somehow the jeep ended up in the Greek Army and was then imported to the USA. This I believe to be true because we found Greek coins inside the tub. The jeep is drivable and I used it mostly for running errands. I’ve taken it to a couple of car shows and it cruises at 60 mph with no shake or shimmy. Every time I drive it people beep their horns, wave, crowd around it, and want to talk about it – really a lot of fun.

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