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WANTED: MZ 55 AMP Generator

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Daryl is looking for a PTO generator for a MZ radio jeep he’s rebuilding. You can contact him at drchrist@q.com.

“I am trying to find parts to restore a WWII Navy Radio Jeep. This jeep is a 1944 Willys MZ-1 that had a 12 volt 55 Amp generator that set between the driver and Passenger seats. There were two cast iron brackets to mount the generator, Cover for the generator, regulator and many miscellaneous parts. I would be grateful for any of these parts or leads to get these parts.
The best way to contact me is through e-mail
Thanks in Advance! ”


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Mitch Needs Another Perkins Engine

• CATEGORIES: Features, wanted • TAGS: .

If you’ve been following Mitch Carter on Facebook, you know he’s been doing some great jeeping in his stock diesel-powered CJ-6 (Moab & Black Bear Pass among other places) … at least until he ran into an engine problem.

Now he’s hoping to find a second perkins 4.192 diesel engine. He thinks massey ferguson tractors, forklifts, generators, etc. Even a 4.203 indirect injected one would get him by until i can rebuild the original engine. If you have one, email me at d@ewillys.com or comment below and I’ll get you in touch with him.

I’ve known Mitch since he was a young kid. He does a lot for the PNW jeeping community and is always willing to lend others a hand.

About his engine problem he wrote, “I got crossed up on a rock on the alpine loop, and the fan bit the radiator. We patched it as good as we could which got us off the trail and over one pass to silverton. And this is where i made the mistake of leaving the cap off the radiator so it wouldn’t build pressure…. the gauge only read 200* but it was fooled by hot air and not water. The engine was much hotter and I fear it’s toast. Very little compression, hard to start but will still turn over and run badly while making equally bad noises.”


On the back of a flatbed tow truck.

A few pics from Moab earlier in the trip.

2016-mitch-carter-moab3 2016-mitch-carter-moab2 2016-mitch-carter-moab1

And a couple from the top of Black Bear Pass in Colorado: Continue reading

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Farnsworth MiddleKauff Generator

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Anyone know of a Farnsworth Middlekauff Generator for sale? They were made at least from the late ’40s into the mid 1950s.  I have a potential buyer who wants to put one into service. eMail me if you do and I’ll explain more.

Also, anyone seen any creative setups for running other PTO generators in a CJ-3A or CJ-3B jeep?

This is an example of a Farnsworth MIddlekauft:


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Searching for the Former Owner of this FC

• CATEGORIES: wanted

A reader found this on Google Chat. Maybe someone who readers eWillys knows something about this?

“I (Steve Noland) have tried several other forums with no luck. I am trying to find the current owner of an FC I sold years ago. I am posting a link to the page where it was later sold. I contacted John to get the buyers info but he did not have it on record. My purpose it to get the CLEAN, OPEN title to the current owner. I have no interest in this truck, I just want to get the papers into the right hands and maybe provide some vehicle history to the current owner.

Thanks in advance for your help.”


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Wagon & Wagoneer Wanted for Concourse Delegance in Plymouth, MI

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features, wanted

Bill Norris was contacted by the St Johns (formerly the Meadowbrook) Concourse Delegance in Plymouth, MI to see if he could find them a late 50s early 60s Willys wagon (preferably a Maverick) and an early 60s Wagoneer for a special SUV display they are putting on this year. I have nothing to do with the show, but some how they got my name. Anyway, the vehicles must be really well preserved originals or very accurate restorations. No customs wheels, paint etc. They want them to look as much like factory as possible.

This is a very prestigious show. Its not your local cruise in type thing. Many high end, high dollar cars from collectors all over the world participate in this event.

Anyone interested can contact Bill at billnorris5189@gmail.com? You must be willing to transport the vehicle to and from the show. It takes place the last weekend of July 29, 30 and 31. They need an answer by 5/13 so they can be included in the show’s program.


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Wanted: VEEP or DJ in Florida

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Elliot is looking for a VEEP or DJ in Florida. If anyone has any leads, you can email him at

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WANTED: Willys World Magazines

• CATEGORIES: Features, wanted

Pascal is hoping to build and document a complete inventory of Willys World Magazines for http://jeepwillysworld.com/the-willys-club/. He’s put time, effort, and money into obtaining, scanning, and uploading his copies to the internet. Anyone have some issues the would like to sell or donate to him? Here’s what he needs:

I’m missing and looking for;
1974 Volume 1 Number 1 up to 1977 Volume 4 Number 5
1978 Volume 5 Number 1 up to 1983 Volume 10 Number 4
1983 Volume 10 Number 6 up to 1985 Volume 12 Number 2
1985 Volume 12 Number 5 up to 1986 Volume 13 Number 2
1986 Volume 13 Number 4 up to 1986 Volume 13 Number 6
1987 Volume 14 Number 3 up to 1987 Volume 14 Number 4
1987 Volume 14 Number 6
1990 Volume 17 Number 1 up to 1990 Volume 17 Number 5
1991 Volume 18 Number 4 up to 1994 Volume 21 Number 5
1995 Volume 22 Number 1
1995 Volume 22 Number 5 up to 1996 Volume 23 Number 6
I think the last issue was in December 1998, right?

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WANTED: CJ-5 or CJ-6 Tub Near Iowa

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Matt is looking for a tub:

“I’m looking for a decent condition CJ5 or CJ6 Tub, or a full Flat Fender body. Im located in North Central IA and will pay to ship or travel obviously.

You can contact me at flattytub@gmail.com”

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Looking For More APUs

• CATEGORIES: Features, wanted • TAGS: .

Tom Sterndale is looking for more APU jeeps. He’s go some information to help people understand if they have an APU jeep. You can contact him at tosternd@gcasda.org

Description — Auxiliary Power Unit : Shelf Propelled Electric Power Plant : Jet Starter
Data Plate Name — O.E.Szekely & Associates or Valentine Welding Company



Body Alterations:
Hole In Floor Behind Shifters


Continue reading

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WANTED: 1942ish Engine Block in Vermont

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Chris Tracy, the parts manager at Brileya’s Chrysler Jeep in Vermont, is looking for an engine for what I believe is a 1942 MB. They might be willing to take any military block or even a civilian one. From the email, my sense is they don’t know much about the jeep or block they are seeking. If anyone can help him out, that would be great.

Phone: (802) 773-3555
Email: chris@brileyas.com

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WANTED: CJ-2A w/ Pinto Engine

• CATEGORIES: wanted

MIke Murray is looking for a Pinto-powered CJ-2A. He’s in the Illinois area. He’s not looking for one that needs a ton of work or a ton of money. You can contact him at willysjeep11111@gmail.com

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WANTED: PTO Winch Model 50 or 50R

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Ted’s helping a friend find this: Wanted M38-M38A1 PTO winch setup .Ramsey model 50 or 50R. must be complete with all correct components. Not a Y50R model. Any help or contacts would be great.

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WANTED: Restoration Technicians

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Paul at Willys America in Cazadero, California, is looking for one or two restorations technicians.



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WANTED: Military Jeeps in Greenwich Village, NY

• CATEGORIES: wanted

This struck me as an odd add, so I figured I would forward it. Someone in New York City is hunting for jeeps, though for what purpose isn’t clear.

“Military Jeeps Wanted:
MB, M38 , GPW , M38a1 , M170
Clean civilian models considered CJ-2A , CJ3, CJ-3B, CJ-5, Scrambler, CJ-7”


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Hamilton Front Bumper Wanted

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Seth recently redid this Hamilton pedal for his daughter. He’s hoping to find a Front bumper. Does anyone have one? You can email him at Seth @ sethrlevy.com if you do.

hamilton-jee3 hamilton-jeep1 hamilton-jeep2

Here is how it looked when he bought it:


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FC Bumper Help Needed

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Tom need some help with his FC bumper and asked me to post this. He hopes to either locate the brackets and spacers he needs or get templates for them.

He writes, “Recently, I was able to buy a Ramsey Winch Bumper for my FC-170. Unfortunately, the bumper did not include the mounting brackets and 1″ spacers. Please let me know if you have any of these parts. Even if you aren’t interested in selling, I would like to get some paper templates so I can recreate them if necessary. Your help is appreciated. Here are some pictures of the parts I need.”

SideBrackets Spacers RSideBracket LSideBracket FC170Bumper


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Wanted: Sterling Trailer

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Anyone in the Midwest, on the East Coast, or in Canada have a Sterling trailer for sale? If so, contact Glenn Fry at glennfry2006@gmail.com.

Learn more about the Sterling trailer: http://www.ewillys.com/2014/05/07/sterling-manufacturings-jeep-trailer/

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WANTED: Cutlas Hubcaps

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Wade’s looking for a set of Cutlas Hubcaps to complete his 1966 CJ-5. If you have any or know of any, contact Wade at: redwagonsmith   @  gmail.com.

Wade’s CJ-5:


Example of the wheel covers:


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Jay’s Race Jeep Rebuild in Phoenix

• CATEGORIES: Features, Racing, wanted

jay-lewton-racing-jeep2Jay Lewton is rebuilding his grandfather’s racing jeep. He’s looking for a few hard-to-find parts.

My grandpa and Dad owned Lewton’s Jeep Sales and service from 1952 until 1989 when chrysler took over. My dad still has the shop and now does minor repairs and vintage jeep service work. The jeep I am restoring is my grandpas 1948 Willys race jeep. He raced this at Tri County 4 Wheelers, which he and 13 friends started in 1963 in Lisbon Ohio. I am now the proud owner of the jeep and trying to find the same rims and tires he used to run. 15×10 5 slot rims and Formula Desert Dog Tires 31×10.50 r 15. Luckily I still have the rims for the paddle tires but along the way I am not sure what happened to the aluminum rims. My dad tossed the Desert dogs about 10 years ago because they were falling apart.

I am looking for some Desert Dog tires and alumuinum rims. I am also looking for a 3a or 3b frame because of the many years of offroad racing the frame on the jeep has gotten week and stressed and I would much rather put another frame under it to make it safe if I decide to show or run the jeep again.

I am including a picture of my grandpa in his jeep from the early 90’s when he was still racing. Any help in searching for these parts would be greatly appreciated. I am lucky to finally add this Jeep to my Jeep collection here in Phoenix Az where I live now.

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Wanted: CJ-5 Renegade

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Mike is hoping to find a CJ-5 Renegade on the west coast. He’s got a reasonable budget, so if anyone knows of something good available, feel free to contact him at Heimbig@aol.com

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WANTED: FC-170 T-98 Shifter

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Chris needs a new shifter for the T-98 installed in his FC-170. He’s located in Virginia. If you have something or know someone he could contact, comment below or email him: 2bskyhi @ gmail.com.

On the left is what he needs. On the right is what he’s got.


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WANTED: Inner Windshield Bracket

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Eliecer from Florida is looking for a old junk inner windshield to salvage the center piece because his 1945 GPW is missing it (see pic). You if have something he can use, you can call him at 786-339-6292.


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Tami is Looking for her Father’s Jeepster

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Steve forwarded this request for help in locating a Jeepster.

My name is Tami. My dad was Howard F. Post, “Bud” as his friends and all called him. I am very interested in tracking down his ’48 or ’49 Willys-Overland Jeepster. It had a Caddy engine and a Buick automatic transmission(??) as far as we could remember. Attached are the pix of his Jeepster showing the License plate (Calif.: DYH 159) and the modified dash. The “pull lever” was the shifter. My sis always said that no one could steal it because it was too hard to figure out. :))

We were teenagers and in our early 20’s when he sold it. At that time we didn’t wonder or ask why or who. My mom passed away and they sold the house about ‘69-‘72 and that was approx. when he sold the Jeepster and his Willys Jeep. He and 3 buddies painted all of his Jeeps to match. All I remember, everyone in town knew the car well, and it was his baby. My dad raced motorcycles, midgets, and more. My Mom asked him to quit when my sis and I were born.

I joined the Willys Overland Jeepster Club about 3-4 years ago. They published an article about my dad’s Jeepster but no answers. My dad helped start up the Jeep Jamboree in the Rubicon Canyon and I had some pix of the early days–as I recall he went up several weeks ahead of time, and I thought he told us they poured a concrete pad for dancing and to set up camp. I got a bunch of pix together and didn’t go much further with it. I had pix and not a lot of info. The W-O Jeepster club has lots of Jeepster and a lot of them for sale.

My dad was a fabulous guy (of course:), but I know he was a great mechanic. His dad was a tool and die maker, and my dad was his understudy and a great mathematician. He worked for Ford when he was 17 ‘till WW2 and was in the Navy with 3 Ford dealers, and worked for each of them from Washington State. to So. Cal. and then settled in Vallejo for good.

OK, thank you for your consideration and for any info you can help me to find my dad’s Jeepster.

Sincerely, Tami

18 20 001 21 001 22 001 26 001

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Motorcycle for Vintage Jeep Trade Fort Wayne, IN

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Here’s a trade that might interest someone.

Trade for older vintage Jeep CJ CJ4 CJ5, wanting a more original Jeep than a lifted modified one.
Let me know what you have, condition.

1980 Harley Roadster XLS 1000 Sportster. Heres some info on the bike. Mostly original, tank is perfect, fenders are nice. More rare model than the Sportster. Blacked out engine from the factory. XLS came with factory extended forks, blacked out engine, 16 rear wheel, Roadster 3.3 gallon tank among a few other items. 

The tires seem okay but they are the ORIGINAL! Goodyear tires. So that tells you the bike has been babied. No leaks from engine around bike. I put on a new Mikuni 38mm Flatslide carb, with new adapters and throttle cable from Barrett Clutch. A few extras included. Sisssy bar, original carb, whatever else I have.”



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Wanted: MB or GPW Project

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Daniel Flanagan is located in the UK and is hoping to find a MB or GPW project. If anyone thinks they have a project that would interest him or think they can help out, email me or comment below and I’ll hook you up with him.