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1947 CJ-2A Colmesneil, Tx eBay


UPDATE:  Back on eBay

(02/16/2010) This is a project or parts jeep.

“You are bidding on a 1947 Willys, according to identification of rear end and body style.  The engine is a Ford 6 cyl. and runs well has new starter.  This is a project so it is rough some sheet metal has been replace and the brakes do not work.  Trans seem to be in good shape, transfer case, High Low range and all gears.  Clutch operates fine.  As you can see in pictures no seats only original frames.  Gas tank is removed.  Rear hubs are welded on rears axel shafts but I do have extra shafts that have not been changed.  Frame is in good shape.  Just needs love and attention!  I have no title but will give a bill of sale.  As far as I know it is a Texas vehicle.  No shipping available but I can store as long as needed at no charge.  $ 500.00 due at close balance due in 3 days, cashiers check or money order.”

View all the pics on eBay

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Installing Rack and Pinion Steering on an old Willys (4 hours)

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UPDATE:  Sam has provided some detailed instructions (which will replace mine) and will also be sending some pics when he completes his next installation.

One idea Sam has shared with eWillys readers was the rack and pinion steering modification he has been doing.  He describes this as a pretty straight forward installation that can replace the stock steering in any flattie.  Sam says this takes him about four hours to complete. Pics are forthcoming on this modification.

Sam describes the process as follows:

1) Remove Steering: Take out the existing steering mechanism and the mounting plate.

2) Remove Drag Link: Remove drag link from old box to bell crank

3) Layout Straight Edge: With front wheels straight ahead, use a straight edge  (anything will do, I use a piece of conduit) and lay one end on the passenger side tie rod from the spindle and the other side on the frame rail directly above the drivers side tie rod end at the spindle  This will give you the approximate location for the rack and pinion.  DO NOT USE original box location as this will put the cross link through the engine block.

4) Where to Mount Vega Plate: Take the Vega box mounting plate (The plate Sam uses is this plate from and using a large C-clamp, attach to frame with the top of the plate even with the top of the frame.  This will put the mounting holes in the right place.  You will notice the top two holes are inside the opening of the frame and the third hole is below the frame as it should be.

5) Temporarily Mount Rack: The rear edge of the Vega plate should be ONE inch ahead of the line from the tie rods towards the front of the vehicle.  NOTE….at this point, it is very important to temporarily mount the rack (You may use longer bolts to clear the C-clamp).  Once mounted, move the wheels all the way to the right and make sure you have at least one inch clearance between the cross link from the Rack and the oil pan.  Do the same with turning the wheels to the left.  If you have the proper clearance, you have the right location for the mounting plate for the Rack and Pinion.

6) Weld Plate to Frame: Weld the Vega plate in place and be sure to use the supplied gusset ( I use two of them, as I have found that with one gusset, there is a chance for mount twist under harsh conditions such as four-wheeling……strongly suggest you do the same  grin grin)

7) Attach Rack and Pinion: Bolt the Rack and Pinion in place and attach the cross link to the Rack and with the Rack centered and the wheels dead ahead, mark the cross shaft for cutting allowing for the length of the tie rod end.  Now you may cut, thread, and install the tie rod. The unit Sam uses is this cross steer rack from

8) Determine Steering Rod Length: Using the conduit, determine the route from the bottom of your steering column to the Rack and Pinion.  This varies with engine and frame variations but is very simple.  Usually all that is required is to determine if the column needs to be shortened or if a double joint is needed.  At this stage, determine what your shaft is…..splined, D shape, square, etc.  This will determine which joint to use.  If round, (with roll pins) I strongly suggest you modify it to D-shape for strength. Sometimes you have to use TWO  rods from the column to the box.  If so, USE ROD SUPPORTS before and after middle joint.  You can get everything you need from Borgson Joints.  If you choose the shorten your column (to use One Rod) you can can get the necessary seal and bearing from them too.

9) Double Check Everything: Double check everything for tightness and clearance and YOU ARE DONE — smile, have a beer.

This sounds simple and it really is, I’ve done soooo many of them, that I can do it start to finish in four hours.  If anyone still needs help, just call me or Dave and I’ll be more than happy to walk you through it.  The last one I did cost $612.42 for everything,  Somewhat cheaper than regular boxes and a whole lot better looking and steering.

If properly installed, you’ll notice the steering much tighter while driving and capable of easily turning under the weight of even a V8 when parked.

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5 Flatties plus many parts Coos Bay, Or $6000


These are project and/or parts vehicles that I have collected but don’t know when I will be able to restore! Their condition ranges from running but needing restoration, (2), to not running but with most of the parts needed to restore including engines and running gear. 3 have titles and I will supply a bill of sale for the other 2. This will make it possible to acquire a title through a title agency if you like. I’m asking $6000.00 for everything. Reasonable offers considered!

Included are also numerous extra parts including:
1 dash/cowl/ firewall assembly
3 T18 transfer case assemblies
1 T90 transmission assembly
1 dana 30 rear differential
1 dana 25 front differential
7 bottom mount radiators and cores for CJ2A
5 windshield frame assemblies 4 for CJ2A & 1 for CJ3A
4 left fenders
6 right fenders
3 grille assemblies
2 L134 blocks
starters, generators, other odds & ends.
I have more pictures upon request.
This group lot is for sale locally and I reserve the right to cancel this listing at any time!

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1942 GPW Wake Forest, NC **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7000.

Needs some work still.

“1942 WWII Jeep. Ford Stamped. Rebuilt motor and transmission, brakes. Body needs work. Strong motor.”

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1949 CJ-3A Orleans, Ma $4800


The seller believes this has NOT been restored.  It appears in good condition.

“Never restored original. Good Shape. Driven regulary in the summer. have soft top with doors and various extra parts. Serious inquiries only by phone. No emails. $4800/best offer 508-237-4015

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1947? VEC CJ-2A Inland Empire, Ca $15,000


This is interesting.  It’s a CJ-2A being sold as a 1947, but has a serial number of 28367, which means it should have the tool indents as well.  It could mean the body is a replacement or something else. Or, someone has melded a couple jeeps together.

“The CJ2A is the civilian version of the famous WWII Jeep (known as the MB) from which the term “Jeep” was coined. Of course, there were no new vehicles available during the war, so the civilian versions were first produced in July of 1945 (2 months after V-E day and 1 month *before* V-J day!), As far as Jeeps go though, this body style is the absolute earliest a civilian could purchase.

As you can see, this particular CJ2A has been painted in military colors, and is equipped with military tires.   pristine, restored examples. This particular jeep has obviously been hacked on over the years, although sometimes its hard to tell wether something has been altered somewhere along the line or if its just 1940s technology.”

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1946 CJ-2A Sterling Heights, Mi **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4950.

It’s not quite finished, but appears solid.

“Selling 1946 Willys CJ2A Jeep. This is an early civilian Jeep made to look similar to a military style. It has a rebuilt original “Go-Devil” engine. The transmission and transfer case have also been rebuilt. The Jeep has a working rear PTO winch. The radiator has been completely redone including the shroud. Additionally, the original Carter WO carb is in the process of being restored and rebuilt. It has been converted to 12V. The Jeep runs great and looks decent enough for parades, cruises, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. $4950″

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1961 Brush Truck Binghamton, Ny **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** for $10,500

“This is a Willys Jeep pickup used exclusively for a Fire Department brush fire response vehicle.  It spent it’s life garaged, warm and clean.  Because of this it has no rust and 29K original miles. It is BETTER than a frame-up restoration, because it hasn’t yet gotten to the point of needing restoring.  It is still a fun, reliable, licensed and inspected daily driver in the mechanical condition of any truck with 29K miles. Of course, there are the added perks of a loud siren and flashing lights if you want to be noticed even more.  I have owned it for five years (bought it directly from the fire company) and would be happy to keep it, but like many people, I have growing cash flow problems, so I have to take a cold look at my priorities.  It is time to sell. I have set a fair and reasonable reserve for the quality of this antique. It is located near Binghamton, NY and you could drive it home if you wanted, but it would be a crime to run up needless mileage and wear.  A flat bed trailer would be best, or hire a car hauler.  This is a 50 year old antique, so naturally there is no warranty.  Sold as-is, where-is.  Try to get your questions in well before the auction ends so I have time to answer.”

Continue reading

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1952 CJ-3A And 1940s MB Mansfield, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500

“Camo painted jeep with good engine and drive train. Body in good condition for age. I have new gas tank that needs to be installed. Leak in brake lines need repair. The second Jeep, a 1940’s willys military MB is a parts jeep with frozen engine, good body parts, trans and rearend. Both jeeps go for just $2500. Please, no trades, cash sale only.”

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1953 CJ-3A Duluth, Mn **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

“1953 CJ3-A Willy’s Jeep. 42″ swampers, Rebuilt 400 Dodge big block, 727 auto tranny, 203 tranfercase. 90% done needs some work, but runs and drives. $2000”

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Hamilton Jeep Peddle Car Mesa, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay for $549.

“Up for auction is a rare Hamilton Jeep peddle car from the 1950’s. I cannot find a name anywhere on it but I found it listed Evolution of the Pedal Car volume 5.  As you can see in the pictures it has been repainted and wheels put on. Buyer to pay all shipping charges. I can arrange shipping but it is to large to ship UPS so it will have to shipped freight. I will box it up and put it on a pallet to make sure it does not get damaged.  I accept cash upon local pick up, credit cards and Paypal. Check out my other items!”

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Monster Flattie Electric Jeep Bay City, Mi $150


UPDATE:  Hog (and I) wondered if this price wasn’t a little high .. but then He spotted these two ebay prices. Price 1 ($1900)Price 2 ($1200)

Brian spotted this fun looking toy.

“This jeep is great fun and does huge wheelies !!!! All you need is your radio and maybe batteries, It does come with a set of batteries but they have been sitting for a while and am not sure if they will take a charge. Any Questions CALL 989-686-6322…………If your reading this ad I still have it ”

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Dexter finds a pretty complete, 1943 MB at a good price

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Dexter is pretty excited about this find!  No bad mods, though there appear to be a few things that need to be changed to make it closer to original.  He should get an excellent stock MB out of it with some time.  Below are a few pics and here are many, many picsYou can see a discussion about his find at the G503 site.  Congrats Dexter!

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Me and Dad Circa 1982 near Milk Lake, Wa

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From the scrapbook archives comes this image of Dad and I readying ourselves for another day of jeeping.  I believe this was in 1982 (which would make me 17 and dad 49).  I remember the overnight at Milk Lake because we slept in the lean-to (see the blue tarp in the background), which was the first time I can remember doing that.

In the pics you can see the aluminum storage units with some supplies in them.  Dad built those from Boeing Surplus leftovers, rivets and a rivet gun.  They were light, easy to pack, and stored over the wheel wells, between the roll cage bars, so they were accessible on the trail as well.

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1943 MB Bonney Lake, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $600

“Need to sell this project to help pay for another. No motor, trans, or transfer case, but you wouldn’t use the stock ones anyways. This does have a full soft top that is in good condition. Saginaw power steering, has been totally rewired and all the guages worked before the motor blew up. Bucket seats with a rear seat that has a built in tool box. Bobcat fiberglass hood for extra carb room. Rancho 5000 shocks, stock axles. Washington title with collector plate. Ready to build into whatever you want it to be. Can deliver if in the area”

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1954 CJ-3B Waldron, In $950


This looks solid .. it might be a good deal.

“I am selling this 1955 Jeep Willys. the model is a CJ38. It has set for several years not running. The motor will turn. Lots of original parts. I just dont have the time or knowledge to get this thing running. Let me know what you have to trade if you dont have cash. I have a clear title in hand! Thanks. Ben 812 593 8931.”

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1946 CJ-2A Columbus, Oh $1500


That’s a crazy rollbar.

“This is a 1946 Willys jeep, the motor does not run. The motor has not ran for 8 years, and does not have any spark plugs in it. The jeep was running 8 years ago, it was parked in a barn for 5 years, and has been outside for 3 years. It has been owned by the same person for 21 years. This is a perfect project jeep, if I had the time I would buy it myself. The jeep cannot be towed away, it will have to be pulled away with a trailer. Any questions call 614-206-5254, I do not check e-mail often please use phone number. I have more pictures I can e-mail if you call me.

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1946 VEC CJ-2A Cincinnati, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4200

This looks in good shape. I don’t see any dash plates.

“Very early 46 Cj2a column shift. Would make a great restoration jeep or drive as is. Had it registerd and drove daily up to last year…. Original color pasture Green, Serial # 142xx, original motor”

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1955 Truck Littleton, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

It looks solid.

“55 Willys Truck Jeep Runs Great; new uphostwered seat, front drive shaft, tune up, brakes. 3 speed manual trans 4hi and 4lo; super hurricane straight \ flat six cylinder engine 72,000 miles; comes with plow; Clear Title
(see video click on link or copy and paste).”

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1947 CJ-2A Wynnewood, OK **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $750

(08/09/2010) “47 willys , no motor. Has an sm420 4 speed ,with a chevy smallblock bellhousing, Dana 18transfer case, Dana 44 rear. Dana 25 front. Fair body, excellent frame. 1500 obo, will consider trades, ax15 dana 300 combo, or other toys.”

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vLane Blog highlights a Willys Overland Ad

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Here’s a nicely scanned old Willys Overland Ad posted by the vLand Blog.

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1947 Truck Belleville, IL **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5600.

Shep spotted this truck on a Ford Chassis.

“Good condition, stock body, Ford drive train and engine. Musical horns that play “Dixie” Extra body parts.”

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1941 MB Slatgrille Bremerton, Wa Price?


UPDATE:  Dexter confirms that the seller is correct; it is a slatgrille.  However, it isn’t a GPW and it has the wrong grille.  That threw me off.  Dexter says the G503 site discussed this.

“I have a 1941 Ford GPW ( Ford made Willys MB). It has a lot of Slat Grill parts left on it and I verified this through a few years back. This Jeep is a little bit beyond my knowledge and experience for restoration but no doubt saveable. It has typical floor rust and will need a new pan. Its solid enough to stand on though. Has a CJ engine that ran and drove before I started tearing it down and it still cranks if you hook up a battery.  The rear end grenaded before I got it but it is Ford stamped. I’m slowly working on restoring it to a condition of one used in the field and will continue to but I don ‘t think I can do it justice. Its a Slat grill and should be restored by someone with more experience. Its got some typical “bubba” mods and additions but Ive already removed most of the hard stuff.”

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1949 CJ-3A Portland, Or $1100


This might be worth a closer look.

“1949? Willys CJ2A. pretty much complete, has not ran in a while, but it turns over nicely. all stock. pto winch, tow bar, soft top. floors and tub sides have had the rust cut out and new metal welded in. not perfect, but very functional. great 16″ traction tires. NO title. I have checked Oregon, Washington, Cali, Idaho, and Nevada, and there are no records on this rig. It obviously has not been titled in a long time. Forms required by Oregon dmv from these states are available online. complete and send in as part of the title process.”

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1951 M-38 Gresham, Or $8000


This looks good.

“12 volt; 11″ brakes; lock out hubs; new canvas; Road ready, good condition; $8000 obo; Call Bob for details: