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1951 CJ-3A La Conner, WA $6000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6000.

(10/21/2021) Has updates.

“1951 CJ3A
Chevy 327
3 speed, manual transmission dual stick transfer case and stock axles.
Collector plates
 Bought a soft top but have not installed it, will include this in the sale”

1951-cj3a-laconner-wash6 1951-cj3a-laconner-wash7 1951-cj3a-laconner-wash8 1951-cj3a-laconner-wash9

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1948 CJ-2A Abilene, TX $1475

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $1475.

This has a funky top. There are some other jeeps in the background.

“1948 Willys CJ2A Jeep parts or project Lots of extra old tires Will consider some parts separate Will consider trades”


1948-cj2a-abilene-tx5 1948-cj2a-abilene-tx6 1948-cj2a-abilene-tx7 1948-cj2a-abilene-tx9

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Status Update: Good Progress


I received another good report from the eye doc. Things are progressing as expected, plus in the last two days it appears the bubble is smaller.

A couple days ago I spent a little time in the garage and feel like I’ve found a solution to my clutch issue. Some adjustments plus a new spring bracket appear to have overcome the lack of clutch response.

I hope to resume some updates on Monday morning, as I can now see over the bubble in my eye while typing.


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Jeep CJ-5 Camper 1/43 Scale Model 109€ (Euros)

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Blaine spotted this really neat model of a Jeep CJ-5 Camper setup. It’s pretty neat model and unique model that I believe is about 3″ long. It is shipped from Mannheim, Germany. In the post below this one, there’s some history about the camper inventor.

ac09017-autocult-jeep-cj5-universal-camper-1969-usa_6_1280x1280 ac09017-autocult-jeep-cj5-universal-camper-1969-usa_1_1280x1280 ac09017-autocult-jeep-cj5-universal-camper-1969-usa_0_1280x1280

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Chuck Prater’s Camper and Dump Bed Prototypes

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UPDATE: Originally posted February 20, 2021:

Charles “Chuck” Prater’s (1928-1913) jeep camper has been discussed in the past, but pics of his prototypes are less well known. Chuck must have been a curious kind of guy, because when he was an employee at the circulation department of the Palm Beach Post in Florida he invented an automatic paper bagging machine.

How he got involved with jeeps isn’t well documented, but in the 1960s he developed a unique camper setup that allowed a camper to be ‘hitched’ to the back of a CJ-5. He showed off his prototype to the Palm Beach Post in July of 1968:


July 07, 1968, Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach, Florida.

From the website we have this additional photo of the prototype, year unknown. You’ll note that the camper in the pic above seems to lack the blue color added to the pic below, so this may have been taken after the Palm Beach Post photo?:


The Palm Beach reported a few months later on September 25, 1968, that Kaiser-Jeep agreed to manufactured Chuck’s camper idea:


For reasons unknown at this point, Chuck waited almost two years later (August 24, 1970) to file his patent (approved August 15, 1972). The patent included several illustrations. Below is one of them.
1499078752660894799-03684048At some point after he filed his patent, Waldron Motors presented Chuck with camper #1. Curiously, the caption indicates he patented the idea, then sold it. However, the information above suggests he sold the idea, then patented it?:


This newspaper clipping was posted to’s site.

Being the inventor he was, Chuck didn’t stop inventing after the development of the camper. He expanded on  his basic camper invention with a similar dump trailer idea. This article comes from the site and is undated:


I searched but could not find a patent or another other information about the dump trailer.

According to his brother-in-law Sam Williams (see his comment in this post), Chuck built another camper that fit the CJ-7, one which Sam owns.


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1954? Truck and Camper Durango, CO $5000

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Mike shared this unusual camper. The shape of it reminds me of the late 1940s Book mobiles (or see below post). The box on this truck appears a little taller than the book mobile boxes, so this truck and the book mobiles may be unrelated.

The truck is listed as a 1954, but the grille suggests it is earlier. It’s unclear whether the camper on back is original to the truck (special order for example) or whether someone added the camper later. That said, the interior faux wood and carpet screams 60s or 70s to me. The “Jeep” radio would have also been added at a later date. Note the Warn hubs are IH branded hubs.

The jeep sports a “Rednor & Raine” Jeep sticker from Trenton, NJ, which as of 1965, was a jeep only dealer.  This also has a Princeton Theological Seminary parking permit, which is still an active institution.

1954-truck-camper-durango-co4 1954-truck-camper-durango-co5 1954-truck-camper-durango-co6 1954-truck-camper-durango-co7 1954-truck-camper-durango-co8

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Dare County, North Carolina, Jeep Bookmobile

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UPDATE: This was originally posted June 18, 2020:


April 1954, Dane County, North Carolina: The jeep was painted green.

An April 15, 1948, newspaper article in the Winona Republican (Winona, Minnesota) claimed that there were roughly 377 bookmobiles traveling the United States, out of which only one was a jeep.

Two years later, by 1950, the jeep was proving more popular for use as a bookmobile, because it could access rural areas more easily than other vehicles. I doubt there are any records on how many jeeps were used as bookmobiles, but at least one appeared in multiple photos and articles: The Dare County Jeep Bookmobile.

Dare County purchased it’s first jeep in 1950, hence all the photos and news articles on this post. According to the library’s history page: “After the war, the library continued to grow. In 1950, the first bookmobile was purchased – a green Willys Jeep converted for this purpose began making regularly scheduled runs. As there were then no bridges from the mainland or to the Outer Banks, all trips involved ferries. Georgia Harwood retired in 1956, succeeded by Jean Turner Ward, who served as librarian for the next fifteen years.”

This full page article with photos was published in North Carolina’s News and Observer on April 23, 1950. It appears the new jeep bookmobile had just been put into service.


Clipping from The News and Observer -

This next article, which predates the above article by 13 days, was published in North Carolina’s News and Observer on April 23, 1950.

Clipping from The News and Observer -

North Carolina’s News and Observer on April 10, 1950.

Dare County’s digital archives provided additional photos:

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Eye Update


The good news is that the doc confirmed that my retina has fully reattached (yeah!). The bad news is that I still have some bubbles in my eyes, or more accurately, one bubble divided into several parts. It can make looking down very disorienting. I am still sleeping on the couch and can’t lay on my back. The bubbles are supposed to go away in the next couple of days ….

So, updates should return soon …

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What a Difference a Dave Makes

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Two new hats showed up in the mail today. I asked family members, but they didn’t send them, so it must have been one of you guys?

My thanks to whomever sent them. Ann was sure a fan of them!  I will get some use out of them (if I can get them away from Ann).


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Mystery 4WD at Low Tide

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Blaine shared this pic of a ‘mystery’ 4WD at low tide (I’m assuming in the PNW?). I don’t recognize it (and the bad, but improving eye, doesn’t help), but Blaine does. Can you guess it?

I’m guessing someone had a bad day before time and water turned this to rust.


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1953 CJ-3B Bellevue, WA $15,000


Simone emailed me about selling a CJ-3B that’s been in the family for three generals. The DMV notes the jeep isn’t in the system, so the family couldn’t apply for a lost title. The DMV told them to go the affidavit of loss route in WA state (unsure about other states). The pics do show it has a serial number data plate. If you have questions, email Simone at staff @ (remove the spaces around the @) (or here

1953-cj3b-bellevue-wa4 1953-cj3b-bellevue-wa5 1953-cj3b-bellevue-wa6 1953-cj3b-bellevue-wa7 1953-cj3b-bellevue-wa8 1953-cj3b-bellevue-wa9

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Post appt Update: Well, that was fun…. Doc informed me I had 2 tears and 2 pinholes in my left retina. It was good that I addressed it so quickly. Doc felt he could fix the issues with three outpatient procedures.

  1. Laser: he repaired the two tears with a laser and blocked off the fluid from spreading. more weird than painful.
  2. Freeze: to fix the pinholes he used a special freezing tool to adhere the retina to the back wall, which should solve that issue. A little more pain. I think he had to go behind the eye.
  3. Gas: lastly, he injected gas into my eye to pressurize the eye, which will help push the residue fluid out. Can’t recommend this procedure. Apart from the pain, the worst and most unexpected part is that I have to keep my head angled at about a 10:30 angled for the next SEVEN days. This will keep the gas bubble in the right location. Moreover, no 1000ft elevation gain, which means we will head home via the gorge (aka the long way home).

So, it will be a long week. Also, Probably no updates until after labor day weekend. Have a great week all!


Quick updates ….Good news: race Jeep is ready to test, but ….

Bad news: need to replace the NEW clutch master cylinder. Ugh.

More bad news: found out yesterday evening that I need to go to Tacoma for emergency work on my eye at 8 am Friday. I have fluid behind a small portion of the retina which is causing a shadow. So, no updates for a couple days at least.

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1960 CJ-3B Wisconsin $15,000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $15,000

(08/11/2023) Chris sent me this former Navy CJ-3B dually for sale. You can contact Chris directly via email: romyg504 @ (remove the spaces around the @)

“1960 Willy’s CJ3B Dually. This Jeep came out of Georgia, was told by the previous owner that it was on a Naval base, and had been in the South up until 3 years ago. Stripped down and repainted last year. All new tires, rims, and seats. New speedo cluster, new radiator, mats, and door straps. Roll bar and seatbelts. Jack and camo netting (small bag in back) included. Lights all work including fog light. Directionals work as well. Runs and drives as it should. It’s a fun vehicle to drive, turns heads, especially with the dually package, and gets a lot of attention at car shows. Also comes with extra set of tires and rims.”

thumbnail (28)thumbnail (24)

thumbnail (21)

thumbnail (37)

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1946 CJ-2A Montrose, CO $13,900


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/19/2023) Richard is selling his rebuilt CJ-2A.

1946-cj2a-montrose-co-5 1946-cj2a-montrose-co-6 1946-cj2a-montrose-co-7 1946-cj2a-montrose-co-8 1946-cj2a-montrose-co-9

“A complete body of restoration with over $10,000 in parts and services. Drive train was either replaced or rebuilt. Build was done for show purposes but it is absolutely off road capable. Suspension,exhaust,brake system,front and rear diffs,steering systems,etc were either replaced or rebuilt as needed. Paint has pinstripes on body,fenders and wheels. Engine was professionally rebuilt by local builder and has 78 miles on it. Custom oak panels overy both wheel wells and bed. Oak center console was added. The upholstery and carpeting professionally done. Custom steps added. A very nicely restored jeep with custom touches. Clean title”

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Jan 1967 Issue of Jeep News

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Though the issue doesn’t explicitly say it is the January issue, given it discusses things happening in the future in January of 1967, I believe it is the first issue of 1967.

1967-jan-vol-13-no-1-1 1967-jan-vol-13-no-1-2 1967-jan-vol-13-no-1-3 1967-jan-vol-13-no-1-4 1967-jan-vol-13-no-1-5

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V6 Emblem Question

• CATEGORIES: Features

Maury found this Jeep V6 Emblem with a green-white-gold/yellow color-scheme on eBay. Anyone know on what models it appeared?

You can comment here or comment below.




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Race Jeep Instructions

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Ann fired up her Cricket yesterday and printed out some labels that also act as instructions for starting and managing the jeep. She also add “ON” and “OFF” labels to make clear what switches need to be pressed. Starting the jeep is a five step process:

  1. Power
  2. Fan
  3. Fuel pump
  4. Ignition
  5. Start (button)

In the first pic, the “2-” for the fan label is hiding behind the switch.

2023-08-22-race-jeep-lettering1 2023-08-22-race-jeep-lettering2 2023-08-22-race-jeep-lettering3

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1957 Ad and Merchandise Bulletin for Jeep Pens and Pencils

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UPDATE: I just purchased a set of these off of eBay. The box has a little tear, but the pen and pencil are in good shape.

1957-pen-pencil-eversharp1 1957-pen-pencil-eversharp2


Originally posted January 26, 2021: 

Mike shared this September 6, 1957, announcement sent to all dealers about the new Eversharp ‘Jeep’ pens, pencils and sets, now available with the Forward Control ‘Jeep’ FC-170 illustration.

1957-09-06-ad-bulletin-dealer-fc170-pens-pencils1-lores 1957-09-06-ad-bulletin-dealer-fc170-pens-pencils2-lores

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1946 CJ-2A Greeneville, TN $15,000


Looks like a nice rig. The seller includes more information in two of the pics. He does note that it does have a little hat channel rust. Thanks to Tom for sharing it.

“Early 2000s Restoration with Pictures and Documentation in a Binder. Clean & Clear Tennessee Title (in my name) Original Drivetrain (L134, T90, Spicer 18, Dana 41 Rear, Dana 25 Front) Original Frame with Matching Numbers (frame coated with POR15) 5.13 Gears with Spartan Lockers F&R with Warn Lockout Hubs 2.5” Rancho Lift (new springs and shocks) Slightly Larger Tires (Power King 7.5×16) Monarch Hy/Lo Hydraulic Pump With Meyers Snow Plow Included (rare accessory) PTO on the rear with Ramsey 8K PTO winch (rare accessory) Warn Overdrive (rare accessory) M38 Windshield instead of the 2 piece CJ2A Full Bestop Soft Top with Soft Doors”

1946-cj2a-greeneville-tn5 1946-cj2a-greeneville-tn6 1946-cj2a-greeneville-tn7 1946-cj2a-greeneville-tn8 1946-cj2a-greeneville-tn9

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1946 GPW Phoenix, AZ $16,000


Joe-in-Mesa’s friend is selling his GPW. It’s in good shape.

“Only selling due to health changes, willing to negotiate, please make a fair offer. Can deliver for extra fee. This is a WW2 Jeep with low miles, runs like a dream. Very fun to drive in the desert. Recently restored. Majority is original 1940s-1950s parts. Has canvas top in good condition. Military vehicle great for collectors, historical, and the black out lights work too!”

1945-gpw-phx-ariz6 1945-gpw-phx-ariz7 1945-gpw-phx-ariz8 1945-gpw-phx-ariz9

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1958 CJ-3B Athens, TN $12,000


This could be worth a look.

“Restored classic Willys. Clear title and registered. This vehicle is been kept in Athens TN”

1958-cj3b-athens-tn8 1958-cj3b-athens-tn9

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Braden Capstan Winch Palmyra, TN $1200


Tom shared this Capstan winch for sale.

“Working winch very rare item, selling as is make an offer”


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1947 CJ-2A Fordyce, NE $5000


This runs on propane.

1947-cj2a-fordyce-ne7 1947-cj2a-fordyce-ne8 1947-cj2a-fordyce-ne9

“1947 Willys Jeep. Converted to propane. Runs good. New tires. Miles on it are Exempt. Only Serious inquiries please”

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1953 CJ-3B Hyden, KY $5500


Tub is rough and patched.

“Looking to sell this Willys. It is a 1953 CJ3B. It was running but now isn’t getting spark so I have ordered a distributor rebuild kit and will continue to try to get going again. Tires are mismatched and have dry rot but hold air. Tub is rough but has been patched and is usuable. Frame has surface rust but looks to be solid. Looks to be all there and has a clean Kentucky title. Has new brake lines, carb, newer wiring and battery and maybe a couple small things I’m forgetting. Located in Hyden KY and willing to help with shipping. Looking for 5500 or best offer. No trades.”

1953-cj3b-hyden-ky5 1953-cj3b-hyden-ky6 1953-cj3b-hyden-ky7 1953-cj3b-hyden-ky8 1953-cj3b-hyden-ky9

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1947 CJ-2A Dually Blackwater, VA $1500


There might be some value here given the rear duallies.

“If it’s listed it’s still available! no title bring a trailer Willy’s Jeep 4cyl 3speed 4wd Dual real wheels”

1947-cj2a-blackwater-va8 1947-cj2a-blackwater-va9