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Pontoon Bridge over the River Po

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According to the Denver Public Library’s Digital Archives, this photo “Shows pontoon bridge over the River Po. Two Tenth Mountain Division soldiers drive a jeep loaded with boxes. Four more loaded jeeps drive through a cut in an embankment. Twelve soldiers sit nearby or stand ready to work near the bridge. Italian citizens and more soldiers sit at the top of the cut and watch the passing convoy. Many of the Italians have bicycles with them.”

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Mile High Jeep Club in Central City, Colorado

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This great photo was shot August 14, 1965, and can be seen at the Denver Public Library Digital Collections.

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Jeep Pics at the Denver Public LIbrary

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I was looking for something, can’t even remember what at the moment, when I ran across this picture of jeeps at a race in Cripple Creek, Colorado, on Hemmings.  That lead me to the Denver Public Library Digital Collections where I found a variety of pics.

Here is one image of kids on a jeep as part of a war bond effort.

Here is a second photo:

The caption on this photo notes these men are wounded vets and are touring the Gates Rubber Plant in Denver.

Here are some post war jeepers exploring mining areas in Colorado in the 1950s.