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Ordnance Transforms Jeep to Sedan

This post was originally published Nov 20, 2013. It shows a jeep that was altered into sedan.

UPDATE: This photograph pair was also published in the February 22, 1945, issue of the IBT Roundup (Inda-Burma Theater Roundup)



The May 1945 issue of Popular Mechanics published this little blurb about the 8th Air Force Bomber Station’s effort to transform a jeep into a sedan using only salvaged materials.

You can view the document online at Google


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Earning the Hump

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Published in the April 26, 1945, issue of the IBT, this jeep earned a camel hump by successfully flying (in a plane) over the Burma hump. Ann’s grandfather was a Pilot who flew and died flying the hump during WWII.



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Strictly G.I. Cartoon by Ehret

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I tried to learn more about CBI Theatre Cartoonist Ehret (maybe Wendell Ehret?), but didn’t couldn’t find anything.