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From Ducks Unlimited to Shore Patrol

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Joe has this story to share:

A few years back, a friend purchased a stretch-version of a 1947 Willys CJ2A that had actually been raffled off to benefit the organization “Ducks Unlimited”.  We assume the jeep was modified before the raffle to better accommodate the duck hunting sport but the winner sold the rig instead.  

The frame on the 2A and the drive shaft were lengthened about 12 inches by bubba in a back alley somewhere, based on the welding technique used.  They used heavy grade angle steel and welded it like it was a Navy ship.  The rear of the body was also lengthened about 18 inches and cantilevers over the frame to accommodate longer troop seats.  When we first saw the jeep on the trailer, the rig looked like a CJ-2A; 

The new owner happened to be a US Navy veteran and decided the jeep would better serve as a “Shore Patrol” replica jeep than a hunting jeep.  The large oversized tires were replaced and the windshield frame was straightened, among other things too numerous to mention.  And a few other items were added (ie. siren, 50 cal. MG, etc.) to complete the new image.  Here are the before and after pics of the transformation of Ducky.  Needless to say that “Ducky” was a huge hit in parades and car show.

Before Restoration:ducky-navy-shore-patrol-before1 ducky-navy-shore-patrol-before2 ducky-navy-shore-patrol-before3

After the Restoration:


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1948 CJ-2A Woburn, MA $13,500

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Walter spotted this. I wonder if this was really a Navy Shore Patrol Jeep or whether it was made to look like that later. It looks solid though.

“Description: Willys 1948 CJ2A, haze gray, L-head engine, 3-spd with overdrive, hi-low range, garaged in Boston Navy Yard, siren, warning lights, numerous new parts, used by US Navy, asking $13,500. Steve, 617-733-9495 after 6 pm, MA; [email]
Price: $13,500”


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Shore Patrol Jeeps

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I was quite surprised yesterday, as I noted in my post related to the Waikiki VJ Day Video, that I spotted a mustard yellow MB with the words “SHORE PATROL” emblazoned across the windshield frame.  Also interesting is the top on this jeep.  See how it appears to go up before it heads back.  I’m wondering if that’s a hard top of some kind?

That lead me on a trek to find any other shore patrol jeep with a color scheme that was NOT a light blue color.  A quick google search of the term “Shore Patrol Jeeps” reveals an endless slew of light blue Jeeps evoking, in my mind, a Navy theme. However, despite my searches, I couldn’t locate anything other than Navy themed or Army Green Shore Patrol Jeeps.

So, to the upper right is the best snapshot I could get of the Waikiki Shore Patrol Jeep, followed by some other Shore Patrols I found around the web.

Here’s the closest example I found to the yellow one. This one has the unusual top:

From Brian’s WWII site we have this one (google says it should be at this link, but I couldn’t find it):

Here’s one from Flickr

Here’s a different angle of the same one from Fotki:

Here’s one from the CJ-3B Page — this time a complete M-38:

Here’s a ‘Shore Patrol’ jeep that’s likely a M-38 with some other parts  (unsure if this was ever a shore patrol jeep):

Here’s another ‘mutt’ of a Shore Jeep:

Here’s a nicely restored MB Shore Patrol vehicle from Argentina that I featured a while ago:

Here’s a shore patrol motor cycle from the G503 page: