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1950 CJ-3A w/ Mattracks Perham, MN $12,500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $12,500.

(01/25/2020) Looks like a nice top design for a cold climate.

“Jeep CJ7 on Mattracks custom built to pull a fish house through almost anything. I am the second owner. Here is the description from the first owner who built it: I bought a late model jeep cj 7 frame with drive line from a friend. Put the 350 short block, differentials, and 4 speed trans in to this one. Plus a new power steering pump and built the cab. Bought a factory remanufactured engine from Dave Mosney Auto north of DL . The drive line is in real great shape. The trans and differentials had very few miles on them. I was very impressed with the performance of the whole rig. This jeep is a year around toy that is comfortable, warm, great clearance, powerful, super traction.” It has some patina but runs extremely well. Tracks are in great shape. Also comes with a set of tires. ”

(these pics were from the 2020 posting, but still appear accurate. More pics on the FB ad)…

1950-cj3a-fargo-nd2 1950-cj3a-fargo-nd3 1950-cj3a-fargo-nd4 1950-cj3a-fargo-nd5

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Cletrac M2 in 1943

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Update: this looked like a modified MB to me at first, but smarter folks than I straightened me out!

Kees Heids spotted this ‘tracked jeep’ in a Frontline segment on WWII. It looks different from the O’Laughlin.

You can see the jeep between timestamps 11:55 – 11:58. It appears only for a brief couple of seconds.

Here’s the pic:


Here’s the video:

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1948 CJ-2A w/ARPS Half Tracks Sister Bay, WI $3000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(09/05/2018) This ought to interest someone.

“1948 Willy’s Jeep on arps half tracks, on of a kind conversion, steers by two brake levers locking out either side, can spin circles on itself, 3 speed, newer idler tires, will go through 2 ft of water. Flat head four cylinder, spun a main bearing, pulled motor, had everything repaired, crank turned, new bearings, just needs to be reassembled.”

1948-jeep-halftrack-sistermoon-wi1 1948-jeep-halftrack-sistermoon-wi2

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Wagon with Plow on Tracks

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This odd combo popped up on Facebook. No indication as to where it was taken.


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FC Weasel Roundup, MT **SOLD*

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

Thanks to Marty for spotting this one. It’s on a Montana Facebook page.

“Motor runs good. Needs battery. Awesome winter toy. Glass needs repaired due to a naughty kid lol. Power glide tranny. Original and new parts. Check eBay, this is a steal. Needs tlc, but drives and runs the way it is. Make offer. You hual.”

fc-snowcat-weasel1 fc-snowcat-weasel2 fc-snowcat-weasel3 fc-snowcat-weasel4 fc-snowcat-weasel5

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O’Laughlin Tracked Vehicle(s)

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I happened across this rare set of tracked jeeps made by O’Laughlin (a person or a company?), or it could just be one jeep with successive modifications. I only uncovered a few photos photos and very little information.How experiments on this related to the M-28/M-29 amphibious Weasel are not clear to me, but they appear to have been parallel projects given the Weasel research was begun in 1942.

I found this photo of the tracked jeep at a Cargo & Personnel Carrier site:




I found a thread on an argentine model site where someone constructed a look-a-like model.


This could potentially be the same jeep as above, only it’s rear area has been altered. I can’t quite read the numbers on the hood in the top pic to know for sure. olaughlin-tracked-cargo-carrier2

Finally, there’s a page about a tracked jeep at 42FordGPW, but the page never refers to either vehicle as a Modified vehicle. Perhaps someone can add to this info?


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1950 CJ-3A Detroit Lakes, MN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $11000

(07/16/2010) Pretty unusual.  Something unusual has been done with the grille as well.  The tines appear to shape outwords.

“1950 Jeep with Mattracks Has a remanufactured 350 Chevy V8 with New carb and intake, headers, All running gear is from an 1984 Jeep with 40,000 miles . Has power steering , brakes, and 4 speed .”


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Willys Sporting Tracks

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Doug suggested I do a search at Youtube on “Willys  Jeep  Tracks”.  I found two interesting videos.

In this video, a CJ-2A is fitted with tracks, one track on each side.

In this video, a jeep wrangler is fitted with tracks on each wheel