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1960 DJ-3A Tulsa, Ok **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $350. I doubt this was ever a Gala, but it does seem to be a DJ-3A.  **SOLD**

The price is right!  This seems like a deal to me.

We our selling a 1960 Willys DJ-3A Surrey Gala. We bought it mainly for the body to build a rock crawler out of it. The origional color was pink. It has a CJ-2A windshield on it with an old Aluminum Hardtop (rare). This is a normal left hand drive 2wd Willys Jeep. The front axle is a straight axle and rides on leaf springs just like the 4wd Jeeps. It has a motor, but is missing many of the parts like the oil pan, head, etc. It is the Go devil Flathead 4 backed by a 3spd manual column shift trans with OverDrive. Since this is a DJ3A the rear of the Jeep is solid with no tail gate, this is factory. It does have all of the steering pieces and as a whole is pretty darn complete. Feel free to come check it out and make us an offer. The frame is in very good shape and the tub would easily be restorable. The floors are even in pretty good shape. The hood is probably the worst part (dented). These are very rare and it has all of its factory serial data plates. Comes with only a bill of sale.”



5 Comments on “1960 DJ-3A Tulsa, Ok **SOLD**

  1. missuson

    more for myself I guess, I have called the guy twice in last few weeks, looking for parts or another project.

  2. F Bill

    This jeep is in my barn in Texas at the moment.. anyone having definite facts about its heritage please feel free to contact me..I plan on a full restoration at some point, but first it will be made into a running jeep.

    Modifications include replaced rear body panel (it is screwed on, you can see the screws if you look close in the pics..)and homebuilt spare tire mount, both bumpers, tiny steering wheel, incorrect rims, and gas tank filler rotated 90 degrees to the side panel. I have a badly damaged DJ Surrey body to pull the replacement rear panel from but need all the other stuff to make it into a Gala or standard DJ. Don’t worry the Surrey tub will also be rebuilt but unfortunately the rest of it has all been butchered so it might reappear as a resto mod some day.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    HI .. thanks for that update. I think if anyone would know anything about it, it would be Bruce (who added the comments above). He’s a wealth of information about DJs in particular. Feel free to email me at d [at] ewillys [dot] com and I can put you in touch with him.


    – Dave

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