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1969 CJ-5 w/ Camper Harpers Ferry, WV **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

“We have a 1969 Jeep CJ Camper They only made 336 of these  I have found on the  internet there only a hand ful of them left. they are rare as hens teeth. this a V6 engine with a three speed trans. It needs a complete restoration as you can see from the pics. it is being sold on a Bill of sale only it looks to be about 95% complete we do see it is missing some hub caps/ gear shifter knob/ some camper parts/  It did run when parked any questions please call me my name is Dannon”


9 Comments on “1969 CJ-5 w/ Camper Harpers Ferry, WV **SOLD**

  1. Brett

    Thats just goofy. I assume that the mid axle is still the drive axle. The rear just being a dolly. I bet that thing handles like crud.

  2. Bob

    I’ve seen those before. Yes, the rear axle is just a dolly axle carrying weight. I’m not sure if it steered somehow or not. I think Ford made a version of this for the early broncos.

  3. Dav

    There is literature available from time to time on it.
    Dealer did the “mating” of the pieces, some were not done right.
    Rear axle has electric brakes (guess why).
    I really don’t think it was a very good idea due to handling issues.
    More than likely there are more campers available that were removed from the Jeep.
    Jeep should have 4:88 gears.

  4. David Eilers

    Well, the more I learn, the scarier that setup sounds 🙂 But, I still think it would cool to own and restore one — but then, I haven’t seen too many jeeps that I thought wouldn’t be cool to own and restore, so I’m hardly objective, nor perhaps rational 🙂

  5. Brian 58 cj3b

    “Wow” Current bid $3000.00 can you say delaminated!!! I have to ask why? “On all levels”

  6. donkey9924

    I live in Winchester, KY and I have meet the son of the man who designed and built it. He has all the documentation of his deceased father and the schematics for the camper as well as the patents. I talked to him for an hour or so. Really nice man and BIG jeep enthusiast. He gave me a copy of the schematics.

  7. David Eilers

    Well that’s pretty cool! So did he work for Kaiser Jeep or did he design and build the camper separately and then sell them to Kaiser Jeep or to dealers? I’d love to hear more about the story and share it with readers. If you have the time, feel free to email me at

    – Dave

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