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Posters of CJ-2A with Wooden Top on eBay

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Each of these posters is purchased separately from three separate eBay ads.  This unique top is not something I remember seeing.  Anyone know anything about it?

Poster 1 Side view ebay link

Poster 2 Front view ebay link

Poster 3 Rear view ebay link


6 Comments on “Posters of CJ-2A with Wooden Top on eBay

  1. deilers

    Hi Larry,

    Given the license plate suggests this was taken in NY, I’m going to guess that this was a top designed specifically for the CJ-2A rather than a Wagon prototype. I would think that any wagon prototypes would be taken in Toledo and not had license plates.

    A variety of companies made hardtops of all shapes and sizes for the flatties.

  2. Dj Bill

    I am thinking Mechanix Illustrated articles or plans might have been involved somehow. Interesting that it has a dealers licence plate. I wonder if all of the original tub is still there, or if ti was cut away behind the back wheels to allow for the entended body…you can see the side panel in the one view is still stock behind the door, which makes for an interesting stepover to get in..

    The rear seat appears to be in the stock 2A location, and the jeep really looks like it is a brand new. early 47 model.

  3. DC

    I would love to have one. Especially if it is a “slip on” where it could be installed and uninstalled depending on your mood. That would definitely be an attention grabber!

  4. Bob

    I’m thinking the sides of the jeep are still there since you can see the original body inside the door…kinda cool looking.

  5. deilers

    I will contact the seller of the pictures and see if there is any additional information connected with these pictures.

    – Dave

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