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Jake’s jeep ‘Lil Beasty’

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Jake’s jeep was handed down from his grandfather to his uncle and now to him. As you can see, it had undergone some unique modifications. Jake decided to refurbish the jeep, saving what he could of the modifications while returning other portions to a more stock look. I think it looks great. You can view higher resolution photos of this project here:

Here’s Jake’s story:


Lil Beasty inside a gymnasium following its makeover.

Please as you read this take note of the doors, tub, tailgate, fenders, bumpers, windshield, cab, cab seat and maybe some other little things. I know the end product is not a STOCK cj2a but it looks good. I am trying to get info on who might have done this awesome metal work job 50+ years ago. Thanks for any info anyone can give me. 🙂

Okay, here is what I know about my great grandpa’s jeep. It is titled as a 1946 cj2a. Has the overhead valve f 134 engine in it. Had a column shift tranny but the side shifters have been welded so they cant move and a floor shifter was added. I was told he got the jeep in the 70s from a gas station in Michigan. He used it for 25 years to plow snow at a church. The plow that was used is shown in picture 1.


When he passed away my great uncle got the jeep and it sat in a barn for at least 10 years.—pictures 2-4a show this—.

jake-cj-2 jake-cj-3 jake-cj-4

We loaded the jeep up back on 2009 and that is when the project began. The jeep appears to have a custom body. Except the grill. We gt the jeep home and noticed it had heavy gauge steel. Everything is thicker then it should be except the grill.— thick fenders, body, doors and hood. They look to have been custom made by someone who knew what they where doing.

The doors have a 1940s FORD truck latch and manual window linkage in them. The jeep had a huge bracket on it, along with the plow bracket. Also please notice the fenders and bumper as we go through the pictures—as seen in picture 4-6 where a 1.5inch pin could go through—.We DO NOT know what it was for.

jake-cj-5 jake-cj-6

Also the jeep had an electric brake booster under the custom bench seat in the cab, the brake booster said it was for aircraft. O maybe she was used to move aircraft around? We then went back to removing the front portion of the jeep and then soon the whole body as the frame was completely rotted out.—as seen in pictures 7-12— also notice how the windshield comes to a point through out all of the pictures.

jake-cj-8 jake-cj-9 jake-cj-10



Well needless to say we bought 2 parts jeeps to put this one back together. So we made the front look like a cj2a.—pictures 13-17—. We kept the original f 134 in it by raising the body 2 inches with square stock steel. Picture 14 shows we had an axle go bad so we had to switch it out.

jake-cj-16 jake-cj-17

The engine from day one hammered so we put another rebuilt engine in here. And the rest of the pics show off what “LIL BEASTY” turned into. I drove it to school my senior year and actually got permission to put it in the gym. We got it through the 6ft school doors. 🙂

jake-cj-18 jake-cj-19 jake-cj-20 jake-cj-21


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