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1964 FC-170 Enterprise, OR eBay

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: This is back on eBay.

This is a couple hours from me.

“I found this sitting in a field here locally in Enterprise very good shape for sitting outside for so long but is by no means a perfect 10 . This would be a good base for a restoration project or just a good all purpose work vehicle around the farm or ranch or whatever. I have got the unit sitting at a local shop where it is currently awaiting some repairs, work done so far rebuilt carb, fuel filter, oil change, new spark plugs, distributor repair, is awaiting front brake repair for they are alittle sticky. I have driven this but it will be a lot better when the brakes get repaired. It had some bad fuel in it and while most of it was drained it does run alittle rough but I feel as more good gasoline is added it will smooth out . It currently does not shift into third but am working to trace this problem out but it may not all get done by the time this auction is over. This jeep does put a smile on your face to drive just because its a great ol’ classic and you just do not see many of these that much anymore. I do have the title for it and it is clean.”

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One comment on “1964 FC-170 Enterprise, OR eBay

  1. Blaine

    This area the Jeep is in is dry county. The Willys dealer had sold quite a few to the farmers in in the area.

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