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1973? DJ-5 Toledo, OH eBay

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This has the short nose, so it’s most likely a pre-1972. It’s an odd one!

“The car is a clean example of a self assembled woody wagon. this is a one of a kind model .I am not the original owner , it was purchased in 2013 in Pembervlle Ohio. The body work was done by a retired highway patrol officer. that had a lot of time on his hands. I would like any interested buyer to inspect the vehicle before purchase”

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1973-cj5-woody-toledo-oh4 1973-cj5-woody-toledo-oh3 1973-cj5-woody-toledo-oh2 1973-cj5-woody-toledo-oh1 1973-cj5-woody-toledo-oh0


6 Comments on “1973? DJ-5 Toledo, OH eBay

  1. bob in nc

    is that a ladder on the side?

    sweet inside. valure on the seats. light up a stick of insense amd ask the chicks if they want to ride. there is a small bed in the back.

  2. Gayland Leddy

    Dave, that is a DJ5. Note the vent door behind the fende. It also looks like it has the “Mail Jeep” nose.

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