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The Boston Top, an Aluminum Hardtop

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UPDATE: Mystery solved. I found a couple brochures about this top. They were published in a 1947ish Willys Overland Equipment Book (thanks to Jon for letting me scan that particular folder). The suicide doors were original to this top. Examples of The Boston Top below:

boston-top-2013-08-equipment-book-1947-1 boston-top-2013-08-equipment-book-1947-2

he first two photos show Spencer Landers’ top on two different jeeps.

mystery-top-suicide-doors-aluminum1 mystery-top-suicide-doors-aluminum2


Close up of the corners.


These photos show more examples of the top:



mystery-top-suicide-doors-aluminum8 mystery-top-suicide-doors-aluminum7


2 Comments on “The Boston Top, an Aluminum Hardtop

  1. Justin

    I would also be interested in any information. The Jeep with the green barn in the background is mine. I am also interested in knowing more about how the door latches are setup. They never really have lined up for me.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Justin,

    I’ve found and published a brochure that identifies this as The Boston Top, built by the Willys New England Company. Check out the updated post.

    – Dave

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